Last Night in Russia

in travel •  5 months ago


Taken outside Casino Sochi in K.P.,Russia. Had an amazing trip. Rested & relaxed. Now back to the U.S. Full time working to make rhe Steem Creators Conference the best it can be. Sept 5-8. Toronto Canada. See you all there.

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STEEM CREATORS CONFERENCE NORTH! Be there or be somewhere else not as cool

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enjoy your trip

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nice post sir

I also love travelling but still this place is in my wish list. I hope I will be there very soon.

hope you enjoyed there by the way its nice place visited last year

Hi @steemcafe.... Nice pic.... Like it and nice luck

Russia will really miss you. I hope to see you more here. ☺

Have a safe trip buddy!

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Bruh, you been doing it V.I.P ... B.I.G.

It sounds like you are involved in making and hosting the Steem Creators conference @steemcafe

You are always welcome back in Russia!

you go from place to place. how do you feel if you travel abroad often?.. i'm envy you.. haha