@Shadowspub Interview w/ @steemcafe

in travel •  6 months ago

Hi Everyone. It is @shadowspub w/ @steemcafe. We are Steem Creators Conference in Toronto, Canada. Always cool to meet Steem users face to face. It is very special. Shadowspub won a contest to attend the conference & she shred a ticket with @lifesacircus. You put your self out there you have no idea how it may effect your life or others for the positive. Enjoy everyone.

Thank you to everyone who came to Steem Creators Conference in Toronto. Save the date Steem Creators Conference in Austin, TX April 10 - 14, 2019. Don't miss this one.

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this has to be a first ... wicked what happens when you catch me a in a weak moment @steemcafe


Hahaha. The pleasure was all mine. Thnk you for coming to the conference. Austin TX April 10-13th. What will your presentation be about? What will you talk bout on stage?

oh that unmistakable voice! it is exactly as dear @shadowspub says - meeting steemians in person only adds face to a personality/voice that you know well. And, although we never chat, I love listening to @shadowspub's shows, and THAT VOICE is just so familiar, I broke into a huge happy grin when I finally got to "meet" her in "person" through your video. This is what I think Steemfest is going to feel like, and I'M SO EXCITED!! 🌼

You rock Shadows 🌸💜


Hi Lady. Thanks for resteeming this post. Appreciate it. Going to Steemfest as well. Meet up for coffee.


EXCITING STUFF BRAH! Steemfest is going to be so fun. Looking forward!

oh bother, vid wouldn’t load, but nice to hear you caught shadowspub.

Wow, I like the professionalism with which you work, I hope some day to be in one of these interviews :D