Amazing Places #10 - Ancient Temples around Osaka (6 Great Original Pictures)

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A Journey into Japans History:

Japan is definitely a country offering an amazing journey into it´s past. Especially as all the ancient Temples and Pagodas are kept in a very good condition and simply impressing by their size and beauty.

All the places you may see below got a history of more than a thousand years and each one got it´s own interesting story to listen to. In case you´re really interested into it you could actually spend weeks over there just discovering one new information after the other while enjoying these amazingly magnificent places.

During my visit in 2013 I got the pleasure to wander around almost all the Temples in Osaka, which was just a once in a lifetime experience. Below you may see some Pictures of the Kyomizu Temple, the Temple of the great Buddha, Nara and the Köfuku-ji Temple. In case you wonder which one is shown on the first picture, it´s the kyomizu temple, which is as well my favourite due to the amazing view it´s got to offer :)

Regarding the History of all of them I´ll probably just recommend you to have a look into one of the travel guides out there as they are for sure doing a great job on explaining all of it (Like the Japan Guide or Tripadvisor)

Has anyone of you already been in Japan or maybe even to one of these places?


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Hi @starflyer-9000 I have been to some of these places and done some post on the them too. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


thanks @scooter77, Next time I'll try to include some of your tips though 😉

Japan is such a beautifully maintained country, and the heritage is amazing.
I was there in 1991 and will never forget the fantastic temples and monuments.
Thanks for the vivid reminder.


Seems like you've really travelled a lot in those 7 years :) But I can just agree on your words, Japan is simply amazing.

You are quite the adventurer! Can't wait to travel and see places like this


I´m trying to live life to the fullest ;) Got an upvote from me, for your travelfund! Spend it wise my friend :P

I loved the temples in Japan. Like you said they are really well maintained. I went to Osaka but I had visited many temples in Kyoto the previous days. As a result, I didn't go to any temples in Osaka. I went to Universal Studios instead. Spent hours waiting in line when I could have been enjoying these! The aquarium in Osaka was really nice though.


Hey there @eitsky, I guess in case you already saw many temples in Kyoto you didn't miss out that much anymore. But for sure it'd been better than waiting in a line forever 😉

Beautiful. Dang, I really want to see some of these temples. I lived in Korea for a year and I had booked a flight to Japan but had to cancel due to work :/
I also do a lot of posts on travel so I followed and upvoted you :)


Hey @sixexgames, thanks for your vote 😉 Those temples are really awesome. I hope you get the chance to see them one day as well 😉


Thanks, I have no doubt that I will :)


Steem on and it will even happen earlier ;)


Lol let's hope so.

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