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RE: A New Adventure Ahead

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Whoa! What a HUGE step! And if I read your post, a HUGE step in the right direction! To be able to get closer to family is immensely valuable. And yes, location just might make all the difference in terms of income. I would love to see you flourish your business and artistry there by living and working in the right surroundings and (probably?) entering different communities that might help you get to that right track.

I'm truly excited for you. Not in the least bit because I LOVE New York and even though you live outside of that city, to know to love so close to it...


Busy times ahead for you, lots of luck with all the planning and arranging!

(I could see some mosaics / tiles happening on parts of that gorgeous house by the way ;-))


Thanks so much @soyrosa you are exactly right about the powerful professional potentials with this move and also the value of being near family! I love NYC too and you are welcome to stay with me/us if you ever want to come and visit. And yes, busy times, oy vey!!!!
With this house, I will start with some colorful planters outside for sure.

Yes yes yes! That would be awesome, I've promised myself once to go to NYC every other year, but due to many reasons it hasn't come of it since 2014!

I'd love to stay at your house if I'm ready to come your way, and of course I'll pay rent:


oh my goodness, I'm drooling, these look SO delish!!