Embark on an exciting journey with me. Irresistible Prague in the capital of Ukraine. Plunge into a real paradise. Fountains, black-eared swans and beautiful sculptures.

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Hello my dear friends. Today I want to invite you to a very interesting place. This is a restaurant with a beautiful park "Prague". This park is not far from our house and I often go there with my family. In the park is a beautiful restaurant. On the lake there is a summer terrace.

The restaurant building itself is built in an old mansion. But most of all I like the park. I'll tell you about the park. As soon as you enter the park you will immediately feel that there is paradise. There's no fuss. There is only peace and tranquility here. On beautiful benches you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake. And if you want to hide from the sun, perennial trees will give you a shadow. Here you will understand what it means to breathe to the full breast. Beauty!

A sculpture? There is a sculpture of turtles, a sculpture of a dog, and a giraffe sculpture. And the most important sculptures here are set to honor the swans.

But here there are live swans. They are beautiful. There are swans that are included in the international red book. Swans in this park are not afraid of people and gladly go ashore to people. They come very close and sometimes it seems that they are talking to people. All swans here like to be photographed. This you can see in my photos.

And in this restaurant, many newlyweds celebrate their weddings. The management of the park and the restaurant do everything possible to make a memorable day memorable for life. On the honor of the newlyweds on the sidewalk make special plates for the newlyweds. It's like a star alley.

I hope you liked my story. Follow me. Ahead of you there are many fascinating stories. Thanks to each of you for your attention.

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so beautiful ! never thought about visiting Ukrainina but I might :)
Upvoted and followed :) I hope you can do the same for me :)


Thank you very much for your kind words! I will be glad to a new friend!)))

Гарне місце, Ви чудово передали його атмосферу.


Дякую за добрі слова😃

Очень красивое место) Располагает к отдыху и спокойствию. Всегда красивые фотографии, ну и конечно же дети)))


Іннусь, велике дякую тобі 😃

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в каком городе такой замечательный парк? У нас в Харькове тоже есть подобный Эко парк, там тоже красотища


В Киеве))) кстати, в Харькове я родилась))) на хтз жила))

Such a beautiful place with this animal sculptures. I have missed your blog to long, lets stay together in this hard times for us small ones :)


Thank you very much for your kind words! I will be glad to a new friend!)))

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