Zen Training Center Where Current President of Korea Had Studied to Prepare For The Lawyer Exam.

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It was forbidden for tourists area to enter into the Zen Training Place in Daeheung-sa temple.
The Zen Center was made for only for the monks' studying Zen.

Meanwhile, by chance one monk came to me and told that there was a room where current President Moon Jaein had studied to prepare for the qualifying exam for the lawyer.
Up until now, it is very difficult to pass the exam for the lawyer.
Many young men had studied for several years for the exam in the temple seeking for the absolute concentration.


He told me that it was his early 20th when President Moon had studied in that room.
The honorable monk guided me to that room.
So I could look around the place where the monks had been studying for attaining the greatest wisdom.


There was a banner in which " This is the place President Moon Jaein had studied for the lawyer qualifying exam".


There was nothing special in this room.
But it seemed like to watching President’s youth and his life.

It was unexpected visiting for me, but the life is a continuation of the chances.
By chance, I could meet the appearance of President’s Youth.

In the center of this area, there was a praying building.


The name of this zen center was Dong Kook Seon Won meaning East Country Zen Place.


I saw the outside through the entrance gate at the middle of Dong Kook Seon won.
Green colors always made me be able to breathe deeply.


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It is really a peaceful place and I understand why the Monks forbid tourists to visit the Zen place so that they can concentrate with absolution @slowwalker I just wished I could see the rooms where the Monks does their prayers and other activities, it would be a delight to see.

the details are very good!

It is a beautiful place of training and preparation

Unexpected visit made a great outcome! Yeah it might be a good fortunate to see such place! Specially while forbidden to visitors!


I have learned from writing to be able to concentrate and write anywhere - even in noisy reception rooms. Some people are fetishistic about studying in a certain environment as if the atmosphere has to be just right. I have found that the person himself has to 'be right'. Also people attach undue significance to places and things as if the aura of a great person will 'rub off' on them. I don't believe this. I once had an opportunity to purchase a writing desk owned by Lester Pearson, former PM of Canada and Nobel Peace Prize winner. I declined. People have to find their own way to isolate inside their soul and discover their inner path to being authentic. Greatness is so overrated, lol.

Awesome place. Green colors always made me happy!

Beautiful surroundings..so green.

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I, kindly, envy you. I can not imagine that one of my presidents was able to go to the temple to study wisdom :)

Я, по-доброму, завидую Вам. Мне нереально представить, что кто-то из моих президентов способен был отправиться в храм для изучения мудрости:)

헉.. 문대통령이 공부하신 방이라니... 저도 가보고 싶네요.ㅋㅋ

your post always made me know a lot , thanks .

문대통령이 변호사 공부를 한곳이라니..
보는데 또 다른 흥미를 가지면서 보게되네요^^
감사하니다 슬로우워커님

Thank you fr a great info sir, hope I can visit. That place. Too someday

Just goes to show that you can learn new things anywhere even Law. It is a beautiful environment to contemplate the real meaning of life.

Wow very nice place, it is forbidden but atleast you gave us a tour, we thank you. This is what I love about travel blogs, we learn and see thing we didn’t even imagine it exist. It has full of surprises. Thanks for sharing and do visit me sometimes, I am in Abu Dhabi and I love traveling and I have places to share to you for us to enjoy.

Good to know this from your post. That place and the architecture remind me of korea drama film