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The most prominent subject in Beopjoo-sa temple must be the Palsang-jeon of the 5th story wooden pagoda.
Beopjoo-sa temple was built in the era of Shilla dynasty after the unification of 3 Kingdom in Korea.
At that time 3 kingdom were widely spread in Korean peninsular and Manchuria.
In this reason, the architecture style of Beopjoosa was basically inherited from Shilla.
So I hope to see the Shilla Buddhist temple style.

What I saw first was Palsang-jeon pagoda stood in the center of the ground of the temple. The name palsang came from the 8 drawings which showed the whole life of Buddha. Here palsang means 8 drawings.


The whole appearance of the Palsang-jeon pagoda looked similar to the Dabotap pagoda in Bulgook-sa temple which had been built in Kyeongjoo, the capital of Shilla dynasty.


Even though the Palsang-jeon was wooden pagoda and much bigger than the Dabotap, the image from it remind me of the Dabotap pagoda.

Especially the foundation and the steps were very similar to each other with the Dabotap




Actually both temples seemed to be originated from the same Buddhist theoretical root, the Lotus Sutra.
In my opinion, those pagodas were the symbols of the Lotus Sutra.

The whole appearance of the Palsang-jeon pagoda was wonderful.

There were hundreds of Buddha statues in the pagoda.



The structure inside was very complicated to sustain the weight of the 5th story building.
It must be not easy to sustain this large building with the wooden structure.



The ornament at the end of the roof and on the wall was so impressive, it looked like the dreadful god's face to prevent the fire devil.



Below are the photos of the temple showing its beauty.




Thank you.

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The craftsmanship is unbelievable @slowwalker. Really remarkable that anyone could build something so extraordinary. The Buddha statues are my favorite in this one.


Thank you for comment

Nice photos!


Thank you

Nice to see persistent steemians.

Great photos my friend. Korean culture is amazing. I hope I will be able to visit your country one day.


Thank you. Welcome to visit Korea

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Yes, I like to see this, especially one bell with one hanging fish. regards

Unique and beautiful carvings are very motivated me to see a little longer.


Yes, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much


You're welcome @slowwalker, hope you stay healthy and everyone can see positive and useful posts onwards.

It is so remarkable to think such beauty in architecture could be made. The love and care that went into the craftsmanship and architecture makes it a valuable treasure. Thank you for sharing my friend

Awesome photos and location. Shared with my followers.

Very beautiful photos. I've never seen such a beautiful pagoda before. I really liked it. Perhaps, the temple of Beopjoo-sa is the brightest of all the temples that you described.

Hello my friend, @slowwalker, sorry for a long time not mentioning you!
I would like to ask you whether the image hanging at the end of the roof or is it painted for scare the devil? I also wanted to say that this image, which hangs at the end of the roof, looks like a dragon symbol. It seems that in China there is a festival where there is an honorable tradition - dragon dance, according to legend, it scares away evil spirits.
Thank you for the high quality content!!!

This pagoda is an architectural piece of art. I cannot fathom how they were able to build like this centuries ago and still, these temples sustain life.

Thank you for sharing the interesting diversity in Korean culture, so much the same and so much individual.

Wonderful pictures and history. Thank you!