The Gates for Entering into Tongdo-sa Temple, Korea

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After looking around we entered into the temple, the first building was the entrance gate, one pillar gate.
It was strange usually this kind of the entrance gate would stand far away from the temple.
But in this temple, the one pillar gate was very close to the main temple buildings.

In my guess, it could be interpreted in many ways.
One of those interpretations would be the one pillar gate might be moved from far to here.
Actually the role of the one pillar gate in Buddhism is to prepare the visitors’ mind for entering into the temple from the this world.

So it was strange for me the size of the one pillar gate was not so tall when comparing to the size of this large temple.



The one pillar gate looked like an ornament.
The one pillar gate of this temple happened to make me compare with that of Songkwang-sa temple that is the representative monk jewelry temple among three jewelry temple in Korea.



Any way as soon as passing through the one pillar entrance gate, there was the 4 heaven kings gate which protect the Buddhist paradise. This gate also relatively small to compare with that of of other temples.


The next gate must be the diamond warriors’ gate. The diamond warriors protect Buddha and the teachings of Buddha.

But I could not find any the diamond warriors in this large temple. And by any chance I could look at the paintings of the diamond warriors on the wall of the Paradise hall serving for Amitabha Buddha.



It was first time for me to see this kind of style that those diamond gate was symbolized on the wall of the paradise hall and to be omitted in this large temple.

Suddenly it made me think of there must be a reason why they made all those entrance gate relatively small in comparing to other temples.

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I don't know a lot of these gates but comparably this first gate looks smaller than 3 gates photography you shared with this article! Probably they might mean something deep by making these gates smaller.


So interesting question, so I wondered too, that why they made all these gateways relatively small in comparison with other temples. I love to read your articles! Thank you!

@slowwalker, Every temple's gate same design in Korea I've seen with previous temples when you introduced.

Actually the role of the one pillar gate in Buddhism is to prepare the visitors’ mind for entering into the temple from the this world.

Yep..I think it's right one because if temple gate giving mind spiritual mood we can think how inside temple giving feelings. The pillar gate designed from traditional patterns. It gives me more inspiration.
Glad to see first time Diamond Worriers paintings on the wall for served Amitabha Buddha. It has weird looks from their faces. They were really worriers maybe. Nice photography selection. Triple gem bless you.

So interesting ,I want to go to Korea.I love your content.

That is very strange the placement of the pillar. I agree with your assessment, that perhaps it got moved from far away, but, why? I am sure there is a story somewhere in here.

The temple is beautiful, as all are. It is amazing how many temples you have gone to already!

Upped and steemed

Interest Ask. It seems to me that any gate in the temple has an important psychological role. The gate adds territory of the temple of a certain holiness, preparing visitors to step on the "sacred ground".

Интересный вопрос. Мне кажется, любые ворота в храме выполняют важную психологическую роль. Ворота добавляют территории храма некой святости, готовя посетителей ступить на «священную землю»,

Amazing! Also, thanks for liking one of my posts.

Wonderful photography. The temple and the art on the wall are so beautiful.

I have never been to Korea but I'm planning my first trip to Asia and I was thinking about putting it on my list.

I like the gate on the road. I can imagine driving there must be an amazing experience!

The last gate has interesting paintings. They seem to be ready to fight!

Thank you for sharing!

Korea has such an amazing place to visit. Tongdo-sa Temple, Korea is really awesome.. i enjoyed with your blog @slowwalker great:)

This looks like such a magical place to experience. I love the artwork on the walls :)

Tongdosa is one of the Three Jewels Templesand represents Gautama Buddha.

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Amazing place to visit !!

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Hey @slowwalker, thank you for taking us in this gallery of wonderful photo gallery, you are right one pillar gate in Tongdo-sa Temple has similarity with Songkwang-sa temple gate, but you can easily see on picture enormous size of size of one pillar gate of Songkwang-sa temple, the car passing through it looks very small. The ornaments under the roof of both gates have similarity too.

I like the the diamond warriors’ gate, but paradise gate with its with its painting of diamond warrior is amazing, usually in ancient time the used natural pigments, for example Ochre in order to get the shades of red.

We are lucky being able to see that beauty nowadays in very good preserved form.

Thank you for the historical tour, Cheers, Stef1 and@art-venture

awesome temple as i see @slowwalker ,maybe there is a story behind on this art.the art looks like a retual dance!

Thanks for sharing sir!

Are impressive the teachings of each temple, as you mentioned what to learn to prepare to enter that world I found that not all can achieve due perhaps to the level of learning, in any way the photos are fantastic thanks for sharing