No Getting Older Gate and The Marvelous Pavilion in The Garden

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The Garden Of Chang Deok Gung seemed to be composed of several section.
It was nearly impossible to find out entire figure of the Garden for one visit.
Besides I needed to follow the order of the guide. I could not deviate from the group.
Bur time for watching the Garden was limited though, I could specify the characteristics of the structure of the Garden in wide aspect.

What I saw first was the place of the King and his loving scholars, it was composed of the kings library and the king’s pavilion by the pond.
King was happy to seeing his loving scholars was indulging in studying. King Jeong Jo pleased to attend the discuss with his men.

Finally he died of overwork. He had worked too much. He didn’t sleep 3-4 hours a day to study and to read the various documents. I am really sorry for that he died in young age. If he lived longer, the faith of the kingdom would’ve been different.

With a regret of early death of King Jeong Jo, we walked into another place. The place we stopped by was a King’s play ground. There was a pond and small pavilion where King Suk Jong had enjoyed with the fame fatal Jang Hee Bin.
In this small pavilion, King Suk Jong had waisted time to enjoy his life with the deadly beauty.
The fate of the dynasty waned with this women



Here what I’d like to introduce you is the stone gate. This stone gate was made up of only one stone.
This stone is granite. The granite is too solid to carve and handle, so making the stone gate with one stone seemed to be not easy.



It means that when you pass through this gate, aging is prevented.
Everybody took part in this walking had passed through the gate.
Originally this gate was King’s only



There was a really beautiful road from the No More Getting Older gate to The Pavilions.
There were old trees along the road. This atmosphere made my mind comfortable.



As passing through the road, there were lots of pavilions. It seemed that these pavilions were healing place for King to rest. The pavilions were arranged along the small valleys with harmonizing the circumstances.




Among the pavilions, one pavilion came into my eyes. The structure of the pavilion was peculiar compare to other pavilions.


The pillars of the pavilions were doubled.
It was the first time for me to see the double pillar.

The roof was hexangonal style.
In Korean traditional architecture, this hexagonal roof was said the most difficult style.
Inside of the pavilion, there was an board written by King Jeong Jo.


In this small valley, there were several other small pavilion. All pavilions were harmonized with the circumstances. It looked like an beautiful well designed drawing.




Thank you for reading.

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Very descriptive and informative @slowwalker!👍 I was in Seoul in 2013 and went on a guided tour to the Secret Garden. Yes, you have to follow the guide's pace and order. I totally forgot what the stone gate was about. I remembered when I read your post. Thank you! Now I miss Seoul! ❤



really good job


Thank you! I really ❤ Seoul and thanks to your very detailed posts, I get to be reminded of my beautiful memories there. I will visit again! 🤞🤞🤞


It's so cool!
This picture
@slowwalker posted this
I will make you happy.


Thank you @cjdns 😊😊😊 much ❤ from the 🇵🇭


Really awesome! I lived in South Korea for a year in high school. Never made it here but it looks cool!

I did a 2 minute pen sketch of one of the pictures in your post, I liked the scenery and I am in a boring class.. Hope you like and upvote, if you don't I'm sorry

I read through, pretty nice post

Great job! Thanks for the pleasure @slowwalker!


Thank you so much

I am going to travel Korea. Your post brings one more option for me to visit. Nice posting about historical and traditional beauty of your country. But I dont really like the way of designing post you did. pressing "enter" for single sentence. it makes my eyes need to keep moving constantly. :)))
Btw, thank you for quite a few times you upvote me generously. ^^


Which cities do u plan on traveling to?


seoul first. now I have no idea. because I will spend 2 months in south America before, after that go korea, then come back Vietnam :))


Korea and china would be an awesome place to visit maybe sometime in the future, the travelling gods will look down on me and help me get there... until then I enjoyed looking at your photos.


This place is amazing !


hope to see better design in your next post. :))

Amazing garden @slowwalker. Maybe King Jeong Jo is just forced to be overworked because of the need to rule the greatness of Korea.

That granite gate is just marvelous as well as the garden itself as we truly get younger when we hang around it because of its beauty.

it was really an amazing gate and so beautiful pavillions in the garden, they are like the old man to tell the visitors about their stories, fantastic writing and thanks for your hard work @slowwalker. have a good journey !


Thank you for comment

Fabulous place!

Thank you for the interesting story, and the gazebo in the photo is very grace.

Great post. I love the "No getting older gate"- wish I had one! The Pavilion and garden are splendid. I have not visited Korea yet but I hope to one day. Thanks for liking my "Yakaty Yak Monkey Business" post by the way.

very nice pics dear friend


Thank you

Beautiful place! Goods pictures!!

It's a nice post..I like it.

I really love the mood of an autumn scene, it's nostalgic. I've been wanting to travel to Korea and be an eye witness to it's beauty. Thanks @slowwalker for bringing me to your country through your photos :-)


Thank you so much. Welcome to Korea anytime.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello my friend! Been a long time that i did not get time to read your posts, i've been so busy with my restaurant!
Anyway, as usual you shared another great post with so much interesting things to learn!
All the pavilions are so nicely built especially the one with double pillar!
Thanks so much for sharing!


long time no see. Dear Friend.
Thank you for dropping by

Thanks, I love to travel. I like your photos. I would like to visit in Korea. This is my dream.

very unique photo

Nice updete

Good narration!
After going through this,I contemplated for a while to picturise what it would have been to live in the King's period!

The toil the labourers(maybe slaves) must had undergone is what fruitified into what we see today!

An interesting history to read. I like it.

a history worthy of a friend, and very interesting, because the kingdom reflects a country, a success for @slowwalker

wow......very nice photography.
your travel is dream.went to
korea.really i enjoyed your post.


Thank you

This is indeed wonderful. If only I was there to witness this, nevertheless you've brought it closer to me with those beautiful pictures, there are all amazing photos


Thank you for comment

Your travel articles are really intriguing... You also take great pictures with details... After reading your articles i want to travel...

Congrats and have a nice day...


Thank you for your compliment

Like I've always said, Asian countries have some of the world's best architectural buildings.

And your sense of photography too is top notch.

What interests me the most is using Granite to create a gate.

Now granite is one of the hardest stones you can find. And sculpturally using it to form a gate, I'll give this Guys all the credits.

Thanks @slowwalker for sharing such a beautiful image and story from a beautiful event as well.


Thank you for your reading and comment

travel is very good friend of mine.
Have a nice day.

사진을 보면 한국적인 풍경을 잘 담아내시는 것 같습니다.
잘 보고 갑니다.

Waw fhotografi very beautiful, i really like, can i resteem

He died of overwork...
That's what I fear so much...
Most times I get overworked that I feel it in my body...

Working is good, but overdoing it is bad.

Very nice photography. I like your post my friend

This deserves an upvote like i just deed. @steemit4dan

Beautiful scenery. Since you have passed through the anti ageing stone gate, you are going to be around for a long time. See how amazing those trees are. Perfect. Thank you for this.


Thank you for reading


Anytime sir.

Wow...amazing this photography......i like this traveling..i wait your next post...all the best....


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I really like. thumbs up

Hi @slowwalker your post is very nice I following you and keep seaport and keep follow me

good post, I salute you friends, because you always make about the histories that maybe not many people mengatahuinya, really amazing, my friend made the logo steemit community you try to see good or not, I need your opinion @ slowwalker

wanna come to this place someday !!
Nice Post @slowwalker

a very worthy history for this history friend is very interesting and very good and this history can we take his hikman

still at korea bro??

A very remarkable photo and a beautiful king story but dear to die at a young age

Extraordinary place, like fascinating,

old is gold sir... really amazing post... in every picture is looking historical

Beautiful reportage. Always nice to look around on the other side of the world through somebody else's lens.

Outstanding shots with a massive brief

Excellent photos I really love what they do in the imagination to those who can not travel to the environment I love it, it's very cute, and nostalgic. It would be nice to travel to Korea it is very beautiful. Thanks @slowwalker exelentes your photos.


Thank you for stopping by

Very informative post and wonderful pictures! Keep up the great work!

Wow! Beautiful place! I hope to visit it also one day! Nice shoots as well! Excellent!

Mature and sophisticated composition, beautiful light and, of course, amazing landscapes

조선 전기에 세종이 있었다면, 조선 후기를 이끌 인물로 정조를 꼽던데.. 그가 자신의 정치를 제대로 펼치게 되었다면 조선은 또 어떤 역사를 남길
수 있었을지.. 그의 짧은 생이 참으로 아쉽기만 합니다.


왕조의 운명이 안타깝지요.

Nice shoot brother, what a lensa do you use??

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Wow excellent. and very good and my moment of publicity? lol...

none, my art no is obj of publicity, and well, very good post.


Sad to hear a king died due to working more and sleeping less !! States that balance is very important no matter what u do !!

And that granite gate is an amazing hard work !! May be the king died because he was old on reality but the granite gate prevented his aging from outside since long :P hahahah


very beautiful scenery

Great ! nice post

Tempat yang unik dan cantik..

Really amazing should be visited someday. Again nice post @slowwalker

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Vote me my best friend

10 out of 10

Lovely post as usual, didn't knew Korea had that type of architecture, reminds one of the Japanese & Chinese structures and pavilions.

Thumbs up for shedding some light on Koreas hidden gems ✌🏼


Thank you.
Korea, Japan and China looked like similar, but in detail each country has it's characteristics.

한국 가면 아이들에게 꼭 보여주고 싶습니다.
옛날이 그립네요...


오시면 제가 한번 식사 대접하고 싶네요

wow.....nice photography

This is awesome garden that requires wonderful gardners. Nice one!
Please be my follower and mentor.

Nice post
Please vote me too

Nice post
Please vote me too

Hi slowwalker.. Old trees are looking marvelous.. Overall the garden is the masterpiece of history.. Love the way of construction


Yes, that's amzing

your photography is amazziiinggg @slowwalker. it looks like a dream land..... i really liked your post. thumbs up. you know one day hopefuly i'll buy a barren land and will turn it into something really beautiful.


Thank You

I love looking through ancient palaces and temples maybe that is why I am fond of watching historical dramas from Korea as it shows their beauty and how they were preserved up to this day. If I'll be able to visit this place someday, I would sure walk through that Granite gate.😁 Anyway, it is always a pleasure reading your posts! Thank you!


Thank you for reading and comment

King Jeongjo (1752-1800) is the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea. He made several attempts to reform and improve the Joseon state. He became the heir of his grandfather King Yeongjo (1724-1776) and was succeeded by his son King Sunjo (enthroned 1800-1834). He is widely regarded as a successful leader and visionary in Joseon along with King Sejong.


Nice explanation

Beautiful ....pliase vote follow me

I'm passionate about your creativity and your photos. You are my idol. 😊

Love the oriental feel. It brings me peace .
Feel free to check my adventures in Cambodia.!/v/jeffandhisguitar/z7sowgaj

Beautiful place @slowwalker

Is very good brother 😃

wow......nice photography
you are profesonial

beautiful garden,,i like it

Great talent from you as u always have been ,I think soon u goona make alot of tourstique people travling to Korea , thats interresting bro

korea looks really nice

oh man its so beautiful, you always getting the best material for your post great @slowwalker.

the king died early,but he still lived a big mark of his place, and wonder why they limit to view the garden! :)

thank you for always sharing us about korea history and great places sir @slowwalker

So ancient place! Kind of my favorite place to visit :)

Nice post, it makes me happy if u check my blog too

this picture says that old is gold.

nice place... can't wait to go korea....

I would feel honoured to walk through such a beautiful gate. Its just beautiful. Nice to see your appreciation.

Great detailed post Slow Walker! Really enjoyed this one as well. I would love to walk through that gate, and I came out the other side 10 years younger that would really be something! You've been doing an awesome job of showing some great highlights of your country. Well done!

I just got back from the Galapagos Islands! I hiked maybe 25 kilometers saw a dozen beaches, too many animals to count and took over 800 photos! So I'll have a bunch of posts coming out on Charles Darwin's San Cristobal Island of the Galapagos. Only thing was that that the internet there was awful. So now that I'm back in Guayquil Ecuador I've got good internet, So I'll be able to check in on your post more now.

Plan is to head south to Peru in one week. May even meet up with a fellow Steemian @intrepidsurfer on the northern coast there.

Anyway wishing you the very best as always! -Dan


Thank you for your comment
I really envy you. I'd like to travel all over the world as you are doing now.


Thanks buddy. Really appreciate your kind words. Freeing up one's life from responsibilities of a location is the biggest challenge for anyone living my life style. It wasn't easy for me at one time. I sold my house in Florida, and all my possessions years ago. I literally have no bills, and live a simple life out of my backpack. The banks actually pay me 10% on my money here in Ecuador vs, me paying any bills whatsoever one of the greatest freedoms I enjoy! Zero debt of course, don't even use credit cards.

The swimming pool, five bedroom house in Florida, fancy cars, big screen TVs, model girlfriend with fake boobs! That I earned myself at a young age of 22 did not buy me happiness at all! In fact it bogged me down and made me miserable! Everything I owned I had to take care of and maintain, costing me lots of money and stress.

So I sold it all to be free years ago. My freedom of time and ability to get on an airplane tomorrow and go to China or Patagonia if I want, is what happiness is to me. My overhead is so low I don't need to work and can just live off my interest; so I have all the time in the world!

I haven't had a real job in over 11 years and I'm only 35! I can go and do whatever I want on a moments notice without concern. Life is good my friend. So happy I can bring you a little inspiration and some insight to my Travel Pro lifestyle :)

I'll certainly be in touch! -Dan

Nice foto...good job

Awesome places and awesome photos. Just loving them. :)

Hey Slowwalker! I have really become a fan of yours. Excellent post once again you have posted man. Keep the passion up!

I need the money to go and go :D
perfect places

창덕궁에 저렇게 아름다운 정원이 있는 줄 몰랐습니다. 날씨 좋은 날 정자 위에서 자연을 느끼며 시간을 갖는 왕의 모습을 상상해봤습니다. 얼마 한국의 미가 자연과 조화를 있는지 알게 되었습니다. 알려주셔서 감사합니다.

When looking at this pictures, I can't imagine that someone would not be compelled to visit a miracle place like this. Full of history, ancient engineering and beauty, thank you for sharing something like this.
Keep up the good work @slowwalker and have a nice day!


Thank you so much

Woah! This is amazing, thank you for this very informative post. Would love to visit Korea soon. I've been a fan of many korean dramas and this is just a perfect place to have a vacation, exploring their palaces. Hope to read more posts from you, you're a great content writer and because of that, I've followed you. Steem on!


Thank you so much for your comment

저도 우리나라지만 제대로한번 못본것같네요
사진을 보니 한번 찾아가보고싶네요 너무아름다워요


조그만 땅에 수천년의 역사가 있으니 우리나라 전체가 박물관이나 마찬가지이지요