Staggering life in crowded streets

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A huge square with magnificent palaces. Features the stalls where you can taste the real Prague ham. The moment when tourists witness the scene of the cock crow of the Clock Tower of the Old Tower is evocative. Not to be missed!


The whole square was filled with fair tents. In the evening, every day on the stage there were themed concerts. Pretty fun and festive. if you are in Prague in the pre-fall period - this is another reason to walk to the square.

Superb magical place in terms of architectural beauty. Small streets very animated, travel by small train to go around the city, walk then walk. The only thing is that with a baby stroller it is not obvious on the pavement. but hey that's part of the charm.


For me Prague was a wonderful experience, a beautiful city, which has a special charm, and so much of this charm expresses it in particular the old town square, the authentic heart of this city full of art and beauty that knows how to express in every corner of its "historical center" or Stare mesto! the square is very beautiful looking at it from any angle, and 'full of buildings with beautiful facades, well decorated and well preserved; to take the main scene is the facade of the church of Santa Maria di Tyn, something astonishing especially if you see it in the evening, but then it is also the clock tower with the town hall, where the astronomical clock plays every hour and comes alive, knows how to collect hundreds of people all facing it, because it is a real show for how beautiful and well structured and a show to see it in action!


Here you can walk for many days, here you will find most, all of the eateries, drinking places, try the local beer "pubs". Very old to look at, buildings, bridges, citizens, churches, etc. Recommend to go to some of the many small concerts organized in most church buildings in the old town, beautiful, giving a little spiritual refill. Prague should be experienced once in a lifetime.

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Very nice place. I wish i can visit here.


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