Prague's Old Town is one of the most beautiful in Europe

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This is really a threshold for Europe. And if you start traveling to Europe - it's best from Prague and from the Old Town. Narrow streets, cleanliness, a large number of cafes and restaurants. BEER! But wherever it turns off - all one will come to the square of Jan Hus.. there are all the roads in Prague.


Super cool square! When we went there was a fair of Easter, had food, sweets, craft fair. very cool! Do not stop eating the last bread in the cinnamon and sugar that they bake in a cilindo in coal, is called Trdlo, delicious!
Anyone who has not fallen in love with Prague will certainly do so if he stays longer in the old city center. The real center is the Old Town Square. The historic buildings and memorials are a dream. The historical and stylistic mix certainly has its charm, due to the various influences of well-known personalities and clergy.


The town is all beautiful but Old Town is special, it gives the impression that time has stopped. Gothic style, very beautiful. Worth the visit!

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Looks awesome... beautiful city.

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The building are extraordinary!

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