Great place with beautiful buildings

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The Old Town Square is the central square in the Old Town of Prague including the historic town hall including the astronomical clock, the St. Nicholas Church and the Jan Hus Monument. There are many restaurants and cafes and there are always a lot of tourists on the way. Here was also the starting point of our Sandemann Free tour, as you can easily reach the other sights such as Wenceslas Square, the Jewish Cemetery or the Karlsrbrücke through the small old town streets. It is a huge square, full of beautiful buildings, especially the tower with the astronomical clock. Breathe culture for everything that is siege. Several jazz groups playing, a pianist playing classical music, jugglers. There was something for everyone.



You can visit this square a lot of times and you do not get tired, there is always a great atmosphere, besides admiring the buildings and the whole of the square, it is fantastic.


Nice photos

Nice place. @sk-ruseell why not invite me let's enjoy the travel together.
Anyway thanks for sharing, I feel presence with the atmosphere outlook

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I'm looking at the picture.
Prague I want to travel again. When will it be possible ....

very nice photography

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