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I shot a lot in my life, but I think this is without doubt the most beautiful square in Europe. You will seem to enter a fairy tale. A real gem, be careful, however, to all the restaurants kill-tourists who are waiting for nothing but skin you alive. Take a tour of the apostles every hour and climb the tower to see Prague from a perspective that is nothing short of exceptional. Here is a large part of the medieval and later history of Prague. It is a good place to start to know about the city. You can see the City Hall, destroyed by the Nazis and that has not been completely rebuilt, next to it is the astronomical clock, impressive mechanical piece with an amazing system.


the different buildings that overlook the square bring with them their own story and admire them leaves nothing short of open .. the square is overcrowded by day and night and from there you can go to the various restaurants in the historic center.


It is a beautiful square whether day or night. The clock tower starts to move at every hour, you can make a crowd, but Clock Tower Gimmick is unexpectedly shabby. We recommend relaxing in a cafe and so on and watching scenery and buildings. It is lighted up at night, and it is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere. There are many street performers, people who make big bubbles, dance teams that dance with music and excitement come in the daytime. There are a lot of people (tourists are also multinational), so please be careful not to get lost and get lost.

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Thank you for giving us such a beautiful very nice.


I am glad you like my photography. Thanks for visiting my blog.


I am glad you like
My photography. Thanks for
Visiting my blog.

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Awesome Ariel View :)


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wow such a beauty full picture and awesome photography done so perfectly and unik discription. welldone


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very nice posts as well as great photography ,i really like it have a great day


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Nice photos!!! Enjoy your trip


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