A continuous succession of emotions

in travel •  5 months ago

A real gem from anywhere you turn. A fantastic climate, people, everything seems to have been created almost in art. A continuous succession of architectural changes, cleaning. If you close your eyes you seem to be part of the cast of a film

Everywhere you look, you're striking something unique. The details hit you constantly. Watch the clock and wait for the hour to see the moving characters. Then comes a carriage that brings tourists. Move the attention to the right and see other details, maybe the architectural purists twist their noses, however, the variation of the styles does not create noise


Great, although I am traveling alone, but this place is very suitable for honeymoon, business but romantic ~~ The locals are also very good, but the development level of Central Europe is really not as good as the imagination.


beautiful view! The square is fantastic and dominated by the cathedral and the tower. Beautiful facades of the buildings. Not to be missed!

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I love to travel alone, it makes you admire the small details... A new adventure in each corner.


You have much more freedom too to do stuff, but it can also be lonely if you're not good at becoming friends with random strangers.


well that can become a problem if you are not used to it, but we should all do it at least once in a lifetime, without fear, it will help you to know yourself and maybe you will discover that you are more social than you thought.


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Thank you so much for your great writing.


I am glad you like it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Vintage Car ... making the difference in the scenary :)


Yap! Its a traditional car!