St Felix Beach

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St Felix beach in the south of Mauritius. Honestly the best public beach I’ve been to. The facilities are pretty standard but the park is well established with big trees, lots of space and well kept lawns. The beach is wide and the water gets very shallow at low tide, exposing corals and giving glimpses of fish up close. We watched octopus fisherman ( hunters?) walk out to the reef edge in water only up to their knees.
Definitely worth a stop if you’re doing a drive along the South coast.

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I just stated seeing the hidden gem of Mauritius, one place I will be visiting very soon........

I doubt I will ever make it up there, but it is nice to hear and see how or what. Thanks for sharing.

@thunderrolls it is beautiful! I would recommend visiting between September and November which is nice and warm, little rain and before tourist season. The rainy season is Dec to March so it gets more humid and you have the possibility of a hurricane locking you indoors for your holiday.