Relaxing for a few days..... and saving kittens in the rainforest. :D

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No, i wasnt in the rain forest these last few days but i did see a few kittens and i threw them some salami. :)

I had a few days free so i went on a boating trip to a couple of islands near Split. Mali and Veli Drvenik.


It is very different seeing things from the sea then it is seeing it from the land. Its a whole other experience. This is a nice example. There is hardly any chance you could come to this area of the island on foot but from the sea you can see a whole plateau there that naturally formed and is completely flat like someone poured concrete.

Google picture.

There was this beach i heard about and its probably the most beautiful one in the vicinity of 100 kilometers.
The sea is completely clear and its one of the few naturally sandy beaches you can find near here. When you dive with swimming goggles and look down its like you enter a whole new world. Your sight under the water is as clear as above it.
I wish i had a Go-Pro to film it.


Heres me and my trusted pineapple i take where ever i go. :D


I sometimes get surprised how nice some of the places here are. Its like we take things for granted often times. :)

I will see you guys soon. :)



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saving kittens in the rainforest. :D

How I missed that? :-D

Lol. 😊