Must Visit This Place Before You Die....

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If you want to go back to the ancient time that was ruled by a king Visit Mandalay, Myanmar which is is rich in history and culture.

Mandalay, Myanmar
Mandalay is a metropolis and previous royal capital in northern Myanmar (previously Burma) on the Irrawaddy River. In its center is the restored Mandalay Palace from the Konbaung Dynasty, surrounded through a moat. Mandalay Hill presents views of the town from its summit, that's reached through covered stairway. At its foot, the Kuthodaw Pagoda houses hundreds of Buddhist-scripture-inscribed marble slabs.

This video is not mine but I want to share this video from Amazing Places on the Planet....

My pics when I visited this place...




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thanks raghwendra

I'm gonna have to revisit Myanmar and check out this place next time!


that's great diabolika

Great pictures, I’m following you now.


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great pictures. This place goes on my bucket list. What other places do you plan on visiting?