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in travel •  last year

Good day, Steemians! 

Portugal is still creamy & delicious~*~

It doesn't really feel like SteemFest has concluded,
because our adventure just rolls on and on...

Wish you were here!

Today we went to Pastéis de Belém,

paid homage to Saint Anthony -- the patron saint of both Lisbon & lost things as well as an overall stand up dude,

gathered lemons & pineapple mint,

shared our daily feast,

and scoped the countryside for Eden 2.0 & Steem Castle.

Of course today was way deeper than this superficial glance, as things always are with the @gardenofeden crew @quinneaker & @everlove...there's just so much that could be said, but lately I'm caught up in experiencing my moments rather than reporting them to the blockchain...

and I still have hundreds if not thousands of photos & testimonies to share from SteemFest 2, 

but it feels like it's not time for reminiscing just yet -- we're still living in the moment, vortex of potential active & engaged...

💛 Sara!

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Is that cream puff? :P


Mmmmm, it's a pastel de nata! Apparently it is the patron saint pastry of Lisboa - it is a sweet custard in a flaky crust. :)


I see :P

Superb yar @nethra

That stuff looks delicious


MMMMmmmm, yes it is creamy & delicious ©

nice of your all picture


Thank you 🌻

It was lovely to meet you even though it was brief. It's great that you have the chance to explore the country a bit more. I left Wednesday, back to cold and wet Ireland, but my head is still buzzing from Steemfest. What a great week!


Indeed, very profound! We have just returned to Lisboa ~ this is certainly a magical country!
Sending you sunshine ☀️ ✨

Thank you for sharing, I follow you with pleasure


Thank you! I post to you with love 💛

woow so great pics

saramiller dear i follow you.....your post is always inspire of uck dear

great job.very nice post.


Thanks :)