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Budapest is the capital and the most popular city of Hungary, also known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Officially Budapest was created in 1873 by the merging of 3 neighboring cities – Buda, Pest and Obuda. Now it’s atracting people with magnificent achitecture and cheap prices. But is it actually like that? How much cost weekend in Budapest with flight, hotel and food? Let’s count together!20190317_122121.jpg

MAIN INFORMATION: travel duration: 3 nights. Flight from Berlin to Budapest and back: 39,65 EUR with a seat next to window. Airline: Ryanair. Apartment for 3 nights: 87,78 EUR for two people, as I traveled not alone (per one person 43,89 EUR). Booked in booking.com. And now let’s sEe where and how much I spent money in 3 days in Budapest!

First day

After landing in Budapest, at first we wanted to get to our apartment. We took an airport shuttle bus (E100). It costs a little bit more, but it’s faster than a simple city bus. One way ticket – 900HUF (3 EUR).

After checking in our hotel, we found a nice caffee with a special menu for tourists – traditional hungarian 3 meal menu for 2990 FT (10 EUR). Menu included cup of traditional goulash soup, chicken or beef stew with paprikash (traditional noodles) and daily dessert.

Then we took a long walk in Pesta side after what we wanted to just sit back, relax and drink some coctails. Not far away from our apartment we found a realy, realy great pub – Pointer Pub. If you are in Budapest, I recommend you this great place! Pizza for two persons and 3 coctails for each of us only for 10 450 FT (34,80 EURO / per person 17,40 EUR).

Late night shopping in local shop Aldi: 2 930 FT (9,80 EUR). I bought something for a breakfast, next day evening, water and chocolate.

Summary: 40,20 EUR

Second day

Day we started with a breakfast in apartment and getting ready for Buda side. There are sooo many things to see! Unbelievable beauty. But to know, Buda side is a mountain and to get up faster we took a Budavari Siklo – Budapest Castle Hill Funicular. One ticket: 1200 FT (4 EUR).
Plus coffee and snacks: 1800 FT (6 EUR).

In dinner we had a big portion of fries, chicken, salad and beer. For one person: 2490 FT (8,30 EUR).

And in evening we decided to drink each two coctails and go to apartment to eat something there. Our bill in Pointer Pub: 5215 FT (17,40 EUR / per person 8,7 EUR).

Summary: 27 EUR

Third day

Third day was a very special day because I had a birthday. Weather was not sunny and warm, all places and buildings were seen so I decided to go to Great Market Hall Budapest. It’s the largest central market in Budapest. Perfect place for locals and tourists. You can find there a traditional hungarian food and souvenirs for best prices. In city center souvenirs are 2 till 3 times more expensive! So don’t be lazy and visit this amazing place! Totall for goulash soup, water and souvenirs I spent here about 6900 FT (23 EUR).

Plus I found a small shop where I bought a persent for myself – a blouse for 3600 FT (12 EUR).

And of course – is there a better place to celebrate your birtday than in pub with a ‘’Coctails night’’? Every Monday and Tuesday in Ponter Pub buy two coctails and cheapest get for free. Sounds good? For birthday it was perfect! Bill for 2 people with a lot of coctails and food was 17 840 FT (59,50 EUR / per person 29,75 EUR).

Summary: 64,75 EUR


Three days in Budapest (including flight and apartment) for 1 person costed about 215,49 EUR. For one day it is exactly 71,83 EUR. Is is as cheap as you thought? Or is it as cheap as people were talking? I don’t know. But at least now I know the actual price of weekend in Budapest. And for me, it was a very acceptable price.

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Heeey Sandraaaaa! Why didnt u share the post with us so we can support you? Love it! ❤️❤️❤️ Keep working hard!

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I will! Thank you my friends!❤

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Hello, great post and have had a good happy birthday, thanks for sharing your travel experiences and the tips you recommend, keep showing a bit of Europe and still inspire people to travel

Hey, thank you for words. I am in love doing all of this - writing, inspiring, helping and showing travel information about Europe. And I hope you will enjoy my next posts also😉🙏🏻

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Cool travel blog, Budapest seems interesting. Kinda a hard for me to think in EURO so I gotta think about it in USD

Yeah, but it's only the name of currency. It's more important to understand is it worth for you to visit Budapest or not!😊✈ Thanks for reading my blog post 🙏🏻 I appreciate it.

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