Red Rocks Canyon Wasn't Quite What I Expected

in travel •  15 days ago

Well yesterday as I mentioned in a pre ious post I went to red rocks canyon with my dad here in Las Vegas. It wasn't quite what I expected, I thought there would be more of the red rocks but it seemed like just one smaller area and then a couple other areas that had some red rocks.

We didn't do too much hiking so that could be the reason I didn't see as much, it was more of a scouting trip so that my dad could get an idea of the different places to go back and spend a full day there.

It was kind of neat that it was a 13 mile loop through the park with designated pull over parking areas where you could get out and do some sight seeing and hiking. It is a beautiful park and some great views. Here are a few pics I took with my cell phone

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That's because you didint do your research. Any web search could have told you the Valley of Fire is the Place you are looking for! full of #redrocks hope you get to check it out!


I think valley of fire is one of the places on the list while we are here but I will double check that. Thanks!

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