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Have a Bento Time on the Train to Yufuin


Hey guys! Today I'm going to head to Youfuin from Fukuoka city today! There are 3 the most common ways to get to Yufu. 1. bus, 2. train, 3. rent a car. We wanted to go to Yufu comfortably so we choose the train!

Japan's high-speed trains are a little expensive, but they are big and comfortable enough to get to your destination easily. There is nothing like a train to make memories during your trip ;D


I'm going to buy a lunch box before I get on the train. There was a place so you can buy lunch boxes(Ekiben) at the station, but the one in the Hakata station hasn't had many kinds of and it was a little expensive. So I bought lunch boxes at the food corner of the Hankyu Department Store that connected to Hakata Station, which is really huge, lot's of a variety of menus and has a lower price.


This is the high-speed train I going to take today. Actually, I wanted to take the beautiful green train called 'Yufuinnomori', but I failed to make a reservation even though I went there two hours earlier!! I asked the staff and she told me it's sold out because Chinese tourists made 95% of the reservation!

I was a little (actually a lot) disappointed, but there were not many people on the train we took, so it was okay :'(


Finally, it's the Bento(lunch box) time!!



Omg, this lunch box reminds me of when I was in elementary school! Isn't it gorgeous?


I also bought Japanese croquettes and mackerel sushi. I can't belive I'm eating Sushi on the train! hehe



Fruits for dessert <3



After smashed the Bentos, I took a nap little bit then everything looked so greenery!


Do you remember this guy? The Anpan-man cookie!


Ladies and gentlemen, we arrived at Yufuin :)

I enjoyed taking the train by looking at beautiful views and eating delicious Bento! Two and a half hours passed so fast! If you're visiting Japan, please try taking a fast and comfortable​ train and have a nice Bento time!


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I don't know why but everything is delicious when you eat on a train. Raw mackerel looks great. It's difficult to buy them in Korea but in Japan it seems they sell in many places.


When we vote any one no reward come you vote here give some reward how please tell me

Lovely Bento, I never have chances to try but I can fill my stomach thru your shotsss, really nice!!!
And there's so good!! how long is your trip ?? I can feel very happy


I only stayed two days in Yufuin :( It felt so short!
Now I came back to Korea!! :D


2 days are really short, but still a great thing to take a break!

oooo i miss japanese bento boxes. they have so many choices at the train stations. but i have to say korean food at the station is also very very yummyyyyy


Ahhh Korean food is pretty awesome, isn't it? ;)

Don't tell me you ate all of that :/

Thats a lot of food for a train ride!


Hahaha not enough for me!!!! ;D

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I can't belive I'm eating Sushi on the train!
It should be believe instead of belive.

Seems like you did have a safe and a nice journey by the way :)

The foods does looks really delicious by the way :)


I know!! I love the ​lunch boxes :D

it's wotrthy food for such a long travel @ramengirl


It's so fun too!! :D


that was great!

greetings @ramengirl


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The Bento has got me sold. I can't wait to visit Japan, Bento looks so yummy 😋 I'm glad you enjoyed your Trip @ramengirl


Thank you! @admiralsp! YES I had a really nice time in Japan! :D

Me also love traveling. Can you want to come india


I really want to visit India someday!! :D

That's a great way to travel. Enjoy and Eat...

I haven't tasted any japanese food yet nor i had an idea what the lunch box had, except the fish and that looked tasty . haha