Mercado De Iloilo Holds Exhibit-Visit Them and Help Aspiring Filipino Entrepreneurs Realize their Dreams

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Last May 26th,2018 we passed by Jaro Plaza on our way to SM City Iloilo . My sister told me that there was an exhibit from different towns in Iloilo. They call their event "MERCADO DE ILOILO" They are showcasing their locally -made products .One kiosk that really caught my attention is the one that "eatas" have.They are selling woven purses, bags , wallets and trinkets.

Since I love supporting Filipino small entrepreneurs, I bought one coin purse made from rattan.It is intricately woven to come up to a beautiful purse.I ask the sellers if they are the one who weave the products they are selling and they said yes.According to them , they need to be very careful during weaving because once you pricked your fingers its hard to stop the blood from flowing.

Rattan belongs to the family of palm trees it has more than 600 species.Rattan usually grows in the Philippines and Malaysia.It has been known as manila or malacca, named after the ports of shipments.
Its pliable stem is thinly cut and cleaned to make it into a certain product you wish to produce.Some are using it to make furniture,bags,decorations, jewelry boxes, lampshades ,hammock , etc.I can say that it is also a versatile plant.

If you are within Iloilo City, you can visit "Mercado De Iloilo* every Saturday.Aside from the woven products, they are also selling Guimaras Mangoes, dried fish, ginger tea powder, organic fruits and vegetables and home-made delicacies.
You can help small aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs if you buy their products.33870881_161703238014894_6163962756266459136_n.jpg


Let us all support our fellow Filipinos' dream!

Thank you for reading!
May 30,2018 @ 11:36 am.


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I love going there but the problem is I spend too much lol

marami kasi pagpipilian ma'am.

Ang gaganda ng mga gawa nila sis. Yan ung mga dapat nating tinatangkilik na mga pinoy.

Masyadong mura nga sis

Ang gaganda ng mga design at pagkakagawa!

Buy Philippine made!

Cute niño :) I bet he enjoyed too!

Marami syang pagpipilian...

Sis hm kaya ung my handle n kahoy hehe

750 pesos sis yung bag...

Ang ganda...prang ang tibay din pagkakagawa

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