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RE: I Believe the World is Controled by Dark Money Running Corporations who buy off Polititians...also travel and bitcoin updates

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what do you think about the recent declining bitcoin price.
and how your prediction of bitcoin in 2018, whether more expensive or more turu.
What is your opinion?


The big money is shaking the bitcoin tree to scare the little money away so they can own all the bitcoin. It is called pump and dump happened 7 times in 2017. If you hold you will be rewarded with record highs for the rest of your life. Sell at those record highs to pay for your overhead when needed.

This comment will soon be etched as 'read only' in the steemit blockchain and here for future generations to see that I was correct hundreds of years from now if not thousands. I consider myself a futurist. Some would consider me arrogant.

Global markets, the United States and almost all of Europe is going on a calm season because Christmas holiday.
Markets will be closed today in the US, and in most countries of Europe, today and tomorrow are Christmas holidays. Analysts said that the new week is a quiet start to the open Asian markets and that investors will be in holiday mood during the week and that a horizontal course can be followed at open markets... @greenman

wow very interesting and very useful information,
I really like your opinion that is very wise and very amazing.
and thanks for vote my comments.

This correction is good for bitcoin. Anything that goes up needs to come down before the next leg up.

If these things happen, you can make huge profits

Whoa, I like the confidence on Bitcoin! My friends also tell me that Bitcoin is as good as a retirement savings, which will pay for a good life soon. Well, I'm still having doubts, but hopefully I can embrace it unconditionally. :)

Imagine if we hodl BTC for 20 years and it continues going up. I can retire super early!

Bitcoin is used as a commodity and not on its real purpose. I totally agree with the pump and dump. The Bitcoin network needs to be more scalable and working to be used for its orginal purpose. Currently: 4 hours for a transaction is crazy. This is not a currency.

You are correct.

Absolutely. I started buying the dips in May and turned a few hundred into a few thousand.

@greenman You made a very wise decision to buy Bitcoin early. I only started buying bitcoin ... $20 on the dips back in May and those very small investments are now thousands of dollars. Here on Steemit I invested nothing at all ... only sharing my photography and my paintings and other random thoughts .... and that has grown to $6,000

Thank you bro but i am now upset for the Bitcoin..i hope Bitcoin come up from this problem ... am i right @offgridlife

When should i buy bitcoin, is this the buy ?

Buy the dips. Anytime is a good time to buy $20 worth ....

I am completely with you, everything will be so :)

Fake money bro...

images (7).jpg

It is not Fake money when you can sell just a little Bitcoin and feed hundreds of people food.

Steem can also be used to feed the hungry.

many also respond to my comments.
I am very happy to see it

see it, feel it, greed it.

giphy (37).gif

if futurist people didn't sound arrogant then they won't be futurist saying that you made yourself sound humble .you have a great mind and by the looks of it ,years of experience.i am new and a student so your support will help me loads.will look forward to your newer posts.happy new year in adv. :)

well said @greenman, that's why people loves you...i will support you all the way...

Keep steeming my friend.

I also think so. Just hold your bitcoin and you will be rewarded.

you are many things @greenman , but be sure that arrogant isn't one of them. you are one of the kindest, down to earth big fellows i've come across on steemit so far.

Sangat bagus

You think is right. I support you.

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