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Many people are in love with Delhi, I don't know why but all I can say it's a city of people, I mean different types of people. Not only from high status to poor people live here but also different people from different cultures live here. But honestly, speaking personally if you ask me, did I like Delhi? I will say no. I have spent 2 and a half months in Delhi and I was kinda demotivated because of the environment. I don't like massive metropolitan area that's why I am not a fan of Delhi, honestly.

In this post, you will see different locations of Delhi, including some historical, architectural structures. This post will help you to understand a little bit about Delhi if you haven't been there. This is my last part of the Delhi series. If you are interested you can check Part 1 where I have discussed population and culture.


Lotus Temple, Delhi:

I am going to start this post with a nice structure. Before that, I wanna mention that Delhi is also the largest commercial center in the northern area. So, a high population, different people from different cities, high density is expected.

This prominent structure is known as Lotus Temple which is located in Delhi, India. This is a very attractive temple structure and it's called Baháʼí House of Worship. Anyone can visit this temple, I mean this temple is open for all, and in front of the temple, there is a beautiful landscape.




People from different cities in fact from different countries come here to explore this temple. Infront of the temple, there is a beautiful waterbody which represents the life of the Lotus, I mean Lotus grows in the water right? The entire landscape is divided into different levels and the main temple entrance is connected with a bridge. You can also see the landscape of the entire complex. You have to walk a long way to see the temple closely after entering the complex territory.



This is one of the oldest mosques in Delhi, I don't know the exact name of this mosque. This mosque is very similar to Moth ki Masjid but I am not very sure the name of this mosque. I find it unique so I captured this picture somewhere from Delhi.

I have noticed that several mosques in Delhi already destroyed and still some left for Muslims.



Red Fort, Delhi:

Many of you might already familiar with Red fort, Delhi which is UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Red Fort is a historic fort in the city of Delhi in India that served as the main residence of the Mughal Emperors. Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the construction of the Red Fort on 12 May 1638, when he decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. Originally red and white, Shah Jahan's favorite colors, its design is credited to architect Ustad Ahmad Lahori, who also constructed the Taj Mahal. It was constructed between May 1639 and April 1648. source...


Jama Masjid :

This is the large mosque of Delhi known as JAMA masjid. In fact, this is the largest mosque in India. Mughal Emperor Shajalal made this mosque for Muslims. History says, around 5000 workers worked for the construction of this mosque. To be honest it's huge and all the Muslims of Delhi come here every Friday for Jumma Prayer. This mosque represents One of the historical architecture of the Islamic Dynasty.



Connaught Place :

This location is known as Connaught Place which is one of the main commercial, the business centers of Delhi. Many offices located here including nice shopping malls. The area is divided into Blocks from A-Z. Also, there is a very popular cinema hall for Indian movies. I really like this place, a famous place among younger generations. They go there for shopping and spending time there with friends.



India gate:

I wish I had some cool photographs of India Gate, one of the famous tourist spots of Delhi. It's a national war memorial that signifies the sacrifice of 70,000 soldiers of the British Indian Army who died between 1914–1921 in the First World War.



I have already mentioned that Delhi is a city of people from different religions. Almost 81% are Hindu, 12% Muslims and other Buddhists, Christians, and Sikhs. I have captured this picture when a man was doing puja and taking blessing and prasad which is also considered as a blessing, I think.



Building Structures :

Here are some building structures and city view of Delhi. Some roads are really wide in Delhi especially new Delhi. Delhi is divided into two-zone, Old Delhi and New Delhi. Old Delhi is a really old and dense population with middle-class people. I mean New Delhi is a zone for High-class residence, Offices, Embassies, Government Offices, and Government residence and some hotels.

In these pictures, you will see building structures which I have taken from different parts of Delhi.



I think this commercial building known as Axis Bank but I am not sure still. I have captured these two pictures randomly and forgot the exact location and building name.


Transportation :

Delhi has different types of public transport systems like metro, trains, buses, taxes, and sky trains. I have only seen one sky trains but the metro service is really good in Delhi.



I have captured many pictures of Delhi Railway Station, I don't know why but I found it quite interesting.

This is the end of my Delhi series and I tried my best to show Delhi through my eyes. This city has everything and literally I was lost there for a while. I stayed there for 2 months for visa purposes, I tasted their different foods, I inhaled polluted air, I listened to huge vehicular noise but still, there is something in Delhi, maybe Magic of Metropolitan city.


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