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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Kralupy nad Vltavou to Usti nad Labem 105 km

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Yet another top quality travel post showing the beauty of my homeland :) Thank you so much Dan, it is a pleasure to read these reports and watch the photos. The Veltrusy Mansion looks amazing, I need to find my way to this architectural jewel. Now that I am finally back to the Czech Republic, I am planning to visit many places here that I haven´t been to yet and I am goinng to use my bike as the main means of transport for it :)

Btw I love your opinions and thoughts on Steem. 100% agree. Cannot really understand why so many people have been powering down and selling at these ridiculous prices. Just like you said, our blockchain is strong and active as never before and once the alt season finally comes, Steem will be skyrocketing. I am sure our efforts and patience will pay off. Big time.


Thank you and I fully agree with you my friend. My reasoning is simple, I am using it and I like it and I am motivated to continue writing by people like you who read and vote my content. More people will join once they discover all these nice blogging platforms and applications built on top like Steampeak and Partiko and soon discover that their time and attention is worth something. It is for Facebook why not for themselves. I already see more quality posts being written by the day. Eventually the price will get in line with the value created during all this time. Steemit will make history and will take some market share from Word Press and others and some add revenue from Google cause I'm not using them anymore :) so yes our efforts and patience will pay off. Big time (and for a good reason).
Welcome back home, can't wait to see some posts from your upcoming bike adventures in your beautiful homeland.

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It always feels good to find someone with exactly same opinions ;) Well said indeed. And thanks for the welcome. My first bigger bike trip will probably lead to the scenic Jeseniky Mountains. Cannot wait to go :)

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