Landscape Photography: natural beauties of Zakynthos, the pearl of the Ionian Sea

in travel •  2 months ago

Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

Through my entry for today´s #landscapephotography contest hosted by @juliank. I would like to show you the spectacular landscape of the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos.


Occupying a total area of over 400 sq km (almost 160 sq mi), Zakynthos is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea.


One of the most popular tourist destinations of Greece, the island offers 123 km (76 mi) of coastline that is literally packed with stunning beaches.


Home to an old shipwreck that ran aground here in 1980, the Navagio Beach is the most famous landmark of the island.


The beach can only by accessed from the sea since it is surrounded by huge majestic cliffs so there is usually a lot of boats with tourists hanging around this iconic beach.

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Beautiful! It's like what dreams are made of! Heck, even the Ionian Sea looks breathtaking! It's like blue on blue!


Well, we do have some nice beach destinations here in Europe but my offer for the Palawan exchange vacation is still on the table haha :D


And I accept your offer, as long as I can take my wife with me haha!

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I'd love to visit all the Greek Islands, they are mostly in close proximity to my home country (Turkey), but I haven't heard of this island interestingly.

Greetings from Cape Town :)


Thanks! :) Actually, I have only been to this one so far but I heard most of the other Greek islands are just as beautiful. Btw Turkey is on my list too of course :))

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It looks lovely @phortun. I've been many of the Greek Islands but not to Zakynthos. I love the look of that beach with the ship wreck. 😊


Thank Gillian :) Haha - I have only been to Zakynthos so far :)

Greek was my destination for my first bike tour from Denmark to Greece. It was so rewarding getting there to the islands and the beauitful blue coast. Some of my best memories from this place:)

Great picture man!


Still cannot wrap my head around how you actually made it from Denmark to Greece on bike but I believe it must have been a sweet reward after the journey :) The Greek islands are super charming.

wow these colors are amazing! I always think I live in Paradise, but there are so many beautiful beaches in Europe its's crazy! I need to explore Europe more...


Well said - we definitely have many cool places in Europe :) But on the other hand - tropics is tropics ;)