Architectural Photography: White Chateau in Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

After showing you the Red Chateau, the first part of the famous Hradec nad Moravici Chateau Complex, in this post a couple of days ago, I am here to introduce you to the second part of the complex - the White Chateau.


The older of the two chateaus, the White Chateau was built on what originally used to be a massive medieval castle from the 13th century.

Throughout the centuries, the White Chateau underwent several reconstructions and it was not until the early 19th century, during the era of the noble Lichnowsky Family, when the building finally got its current appearance.


The most characteristic feature of the White Chateau, the White Tower is also the youngest part of it, added to the chateau in 1887.


Overlooking the picturesque Silesian landscape around the chateau, the tower stands 40 m (131 ft) tall.


The chateau is surrounded by vast, beautiful parks and forests where you can find two interesting sculptures. There is this stone statue of girl looking at the White Tower...


...and if you keep walking further into the forest, you will soon stumble upon this impressive bust of Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the world´s greatest and most recognized composers of all time.


Now you may wonder why a Beethoven´s bust was installed at a chateau somewhere in the Silesian countryside. The reason is simple - Beethoven loved the Hradec nad Moravici Chateau and he visited it regularly.

As a matter of fact, this phenomenal German composer was not the only prominent musician associated with the chateau. This monumental piece of architecture hosted several other celebrities from the musical world including Niccolo Paganini and Franz Liszt.

All of the photos featured in this post were taken by me and they are my entry for today´s #architecturalphotography contest hosted by @juliank.

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Czech Republic has really great architectural heritage. Every time when you visit this country you can find something new for you!

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You are right :) And thanks!

Bastante colonial la arquitectura de la República Checa en este lugar.
Muy bonitas fotos.
Saludos @phortun.


Gracias Rosi!

Hezky zpracovaný článek. Na tomto zámku jsem ještě nebyl, ale vypadá pěkně. Hlavně ta věž mě zaujala.


Díky, je moc hezký :) Spolu s tím červeným tvoří opravdu zajímavý komplex. Se někdy stavte :) I když teda z Plzně je to celkem štreka :D


Nemáš zač. ;-) Je to kus cesty. Jedině, že bychom do té oblasti měli cestu, nebo jeli třeba na dovolenou ;-)

So great post I will say that there are many beautiful pictures.

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