Architectural Photography: shots from my recent bike trips

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I have been biking a lot in the past couple of weeks and although I usually go for natural trails, I sometimes find myself in the urban environment too. Therefore, after showing you the picturesque natural surroundings of the Morava River in this post, I decided to share some architectural shots that I have taken during my recent bike trips around my Czech homeland (and a part of Poland too actually since my hometown is located very close to the Czech-Polish border).

Without further ado, here is a little selection of random photos of interesting buildings that I have taken recently.

Kvasice Chateau


The origins of this majestic chateau date back to as early as the 16th century but throughout the times, the building has undergone several major reconstructions that have changed its appearance. The chateau can be found in the little Moravian town of Kvasice in the Zlin Region.

Pilszcz Church


I stumbled upon this beautiful church in the tiny Polish village of Pilszcz while wandering through the countryside of our northern neighbors. Unfortunately, I failed to find any information about the church. I can only tell you Pilszcz is home to approximately 800 people and it is located in the Gmina Kietrz District.

Grand Square in Kromeriz


To admire these adorable colorful houses, you need to head out to the Moravian town of Kromeriz. Known as the Grand Square, this beautiful rectangular square is situated in the very historic center of the town. Local chateau and gardens were even listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1998.

Chropyne Chateau


The most prominent architectural landmark of the little Moravian town of Chropyne, the Chropyne Chateau was built in the early 17th century. These days, the chateau is home to a renowned museum and it is also the venue of various cultural events, festivals and concerts.

Olomoucka Street in Opava


Opava, my beautiful hometown, is known for impressive architecture dating back to centuries ago. Although the city was badly damaged during the World War II, there are still many impressive old houses to be found there. This one, for example, is located right on the corner of the Olomoucka Street (to the left) and Krnovska Street (to the right).

I hope you enjoyed this little architectural photo collection :) Stay tuned for more!


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Pěkné fotky a poklona za ujetý km na kole :)

To je od tebe milé, že ses zastavil :) A ještě jsi to musel louskat z angličtiny... Jo, snažím se jezdit hodně. V Mexiku mi projížďky na kole chyběly.

Díky. Jsem tady pořád, i když ne vždy jsem vidět. Fotografie míst, které neznám je moje oblíbená téma. Ty otevírám jako první.

Angličtinu přestávám brát jako překážku, měním ji na výzvu. Již druhým rokem ji cvičím s Duolingem. Takže jsem měl z tohoto postu dojí radost a užitek.

Tak to mě velmi těší :)

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