A Shit Story - getting caught without a toilet (video/podcast)

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When travelling, it's expected that sometimes you might not have all of the luxuries of home. You might not have a hot shower, or a clean towel. You might not have a western style toilet. You might not even have a toilet at all, or toilet paper, or even the expectation that that bus ticket you paid for would get the driver to wait for two minutes while you ran off into the woods.

Our hero Kurt found himself in a similar situation on the road from Cox's Bazar to Dhaka in Bangladesh. In this episode, he relates the details of a spiritual experience, gaining insight into his character and exactly what a human is capable of. Join us on another bowel-rumbling, digestive-system-crumbling, existence-questioning episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Good story - thanks, perfectly spent a few minutes reading this, maybe I'll sign up for you

Hi, very good post, thanks for sharing, I follow you.

lol i know exactly the feeling when natures hits u and has no where to go than woods /bushes.

very good post, is a really catching story of this chapter, thank you very much for sharing, following to see more, greetings.