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❓Have you ever been in a submarine?
✔️Guilly is a diver but I am not, so we he went diving with hammerhead sharks, I decided I would go on my own “diving” experience!
✔️I joined Atlantis Submarine Adventures from Lahaina despite my claustrophobia!
✔️The submarine goes to 100 feet underwater and host up to 48 passengers. I was lucky that we were only 25 so it was more roomy!
✔️I had to fight my fear pretty hard as they locked the doors!
✔️As we started going down I started to panic in silence! I am very very claustrophobic!
✔️My neighbour realised I was little panicked and kindly offered to borrow her husband arm lol! It did help!
✔️As we finally reached the ocean floor and started to see all the wonders, I felt more comfortable and enjoyed myself!
✔️45min of seeing tropical fishes, sharks, turtles and a beautiful wreck! The guide was excellent and with great humour.
ⓕⓞⓛⓛⓞⓦ ⓤⓢ for more adventures in Hawaii
✔️Alors que Guilly plonge, moi je reste en surface, ainsi lorsqu’il est parti plonger avec les requins marteaux, j’ai décidé de faire ma propre expérience de “plongée”
is a diver but I am not, so we he went diving with hammerhead sharks, I decided I would go on my own “diving” experience!
✔️J’ai choisi Atlantis Sous-Marins depuis Lahaina malgré ma claustrophobie!
✔️Le sous-marin descend à 100 pieds sous l’eau et accueil jusqu’à 48 passagers.
✔️J’ai du me concentrer et rester calme lors de la fermeture de la porte.
✔️Au début de la descente, je me suis sentie paniquée car très très claustrophobe!
✔️Ma voisine de siège s’est aperçue que j’étais en panique et m’a gentilement proposée le bras de son mari lol!
✔️ Une fois arrivée au fond de l’océan, nous avons pu commencé à voir de la vie, ce qui m’a rassurée et emerveillée.
✔️45min plus tard, une épave, des tonnes de poissons petits et gros, requins et tortues…Aucun regret! Je recommande!

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