A Photography Tip I Learned At Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi

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I used to think if I bought a better camera that I would magically become a better photographer, but that's not true.

Ignorance really is bliss. I liked it better when I didn't know that and could just blame bad photography on my phone (although it DOES help to have a nice camera, it's not EVERYTHING).

The truth all came out in Hanoi, when I got the chance to meetup with steemian @jumartphoto at Tran Quoc Pagoda by West Lake in Hanoi.

For some reason I REALLY wanted to go see this pagoda. I don't know why, because after you've been in Asia for awhile, you see so many temples that they all kind of start to blur together (and no, not because you're drunk).

Seeing it was better than I imagined because I never thought I would get to experience photographing it with @jumartphoto, whose photography I really admire!

I was so excited when he agreed to meetup with me in Hanoi!

(us with two other steemians that I'll write about later :)

He has a legit camera, but that's not the only reason he's a great photographer. He let me take a picture with his camera, and lets just say he puts anything that I attempt to do with a camera to shame.

And that's when I realized for sure that it's definitely not all about the camera you own, but it helps to have a good one.

He told me that wide lenses are good for taking pictures of buildings because it helps you get in a tall building without cutting the whole thing off.

Now, here's a trick I picked up by spending too much time on the interwebs...

If you have an iphone you can do a vertical panorama to fit a tall building into a picture!

So this picture was actually taken with my phone with no wide lense! This is one of my favorite new tricks I've picked up recently for photography with a phone (if you're like me and that's the only equipment you have).

I hope one of you can use this trick! How do you think it turned out?

This photo is for the architecturalphotography contest by @juliank

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I have a dslr and i'm shocked that some pictures and many videos come out much better on my phone. Technology is changing quick but a photographers eye always has to be developed. :)


wow really? They come out better on your phone? I would never have imagined that honestly! But it gives me hope since I only have a phone to shoot with currently!


It depends on what you are shooting. For quick candid photos the phone is really good. This one looks better on phone/computer but its a quality picture in my mind with only a second to shoot it to get my boys concentration. We were leaving the beach so he was exhausted so getting him in complete focus I had to be quick.

2018-06-23 13.56.21.jpg

That's a great tip! And the photo turned out great.

You are right it's not always the camera. Some people are just natural photographers. My sister can get a disposable camera, no filters or fancy bits and pieces - not digital.. and still turn out amazing shots that get blown up and framed. What I see in my head is almost never what comes out on the camera haha.

All I can say is thank god I;'m good at software..and Adobe is my friend!


Wow...is your sister on steemit? Sounds like she should be! Haha it's good that people have different talents for sure...I'm definitely not good at software but I wish I were! I suppose I could always develop whatever skill needs developing though!

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Really nice tip, especially for people like me whose only photography gadget is a mobile phone for now.

BTW, I am glad he did this:

He let me take a picture with his camera, and lets just say he puts anything that I attempt to do with a camera to shame.


Yeah, it was really awesome!! I'm glad too

Reason #34,536 to come to BKK - @suitcasemama's a professional photographer and dying to give you more smartphone tips ;)

Hi from next door and happy 4th of July!


hahahaha you're the BEST sales person. I'm thinking I'll definitely end up coming by now just because of these comments. I love them so much.


I'm actually horrible at selling things...but really good at filling up our guestbook ;) I've never lived somewhere where people want to visit, ha! So, taking advantage of our time of living in a nice place like Thailand! :)


True! I just wish I had known you guys when I was there in January and February!!!

I think you are becoming better than your teacher, who can say you took that picture with a phone?

I need to give this a trier too...


omg @emmakkayluv you are TOO sweet! Thank you! If you try it, let me know how it goes!

That tower is massive lol. Can’t believe you fit that in the iPhone frame


Vertical pano on iPhone! I'm so confused. I thought I responded to this already lol




LOL would you believe somebody gave me the nickname "Chaos" just a few days ago?! "Here comes Chaos!" It suits me haha


Thats what I think every time I see your name! In the best way possible :)


Of course haha

Great photos. Amazing architecture style, I especial like the middle long traditional style building, pretty color too.

Awesome photography my friend... great job