Villa bonacchi a piece of nice architecture hidden in my city.

in travel •  5 months ago


This is Villa Bonacchi a old place in the fields of Pistoia, it was a nice surprise to find it, built in 1800 it is really good to see. The baroque style inside the Villa it' s amazing, it' s like a little castle.

It' s hard to find it, it is situated in the city center but hidden in the fields full of plants so no one can notice it if do not know where it is. It was used as a house for rich people now you can rent it for cerimonies and photo sets. It' s reallu a charming place.

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So this is close to where you live?! Very special!


Yes i will post soon more info about it, it' nice and i plan to do a little research about it.

Que hermosura tanto por fuera como por dentro @noemilunastorta