Volcan Calbuco - Eruption - Patagonia - Part 2

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I've been posting photos of my old home, Patagonia, Chile. I have moved my family back to the States. I just recently returned from a trip to Chile, tying up lose ends and visiting dear friends.

The day after I arrived back home to North Idaho was the 3rd anniversary of the eruption of Volcan Calbuco occurred on April 23rd.

Living in Chile – Volcán Calbuco Eruption (7).jpg

This photo was taken from my back yard at the time. It was an exhilarating experience, a once in a life time opportunity to witness such a thing.

Opera Snapshot_2018-04-22_061631_www.google.com.png

Volcan Calbuco is located on the edge of Lago Llanguihue (Chile's 2nd largest lake). It's a gorgeous drive from Puerto Varas, approximately 40 minutes. The nearest sizeable airport is PMC, Puerto Montt.

If anyone would like to know more about traveling in Patagonia, please ask in the comments

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