Crypto travel payment highlights - Agnes Water & 1770

in travel •  5 months ago

Agnes Water and 1770 offer neighboring Beach style townships located 6-hour drive from Brisbane, Queensland.


Tourist destinations known for their beautiful beaches, and now they are known for leading the way in cryptocurrency tourism a first in Australia having the whole experience with your digital wallet.

A giant billboard has been erected outside the town boasting "Nations first town to embrace cryptocurrency".

So why are these two small towns claiming such a big title? Well, because they are the first tourist destination that you can visit, stay and explore all by using cryptocurrency, that’s right, no cash needed. Following hot on the moves of Brisbane Airport, who have become the worlds first crypto airport, residents of these beautiful destinations have banded together to offer the world what they have at the touch of a finger.

How does it work? Well vendors are supported by Travel by-bit a Queensland start up aiming to open the everyday market to cryptocurrency, and their point-of-sale app created by CEO Caleb Yeoh which allows the vendors to instantly receive and convert cryptocurrency to AUD. The thing I personally love about this is the interaction with Blockchain technology which helps protect these vendors from fraudsters and scammers. And also recording each and every transaction in a versitile way.

When I say you can enjoy a full holiday experience at Agnes Water and 1770, I mean the full experience tailored to your budget. Be in the rich bitcoiner or the travel blogger crypto enthusiasts this area has it all.

With such a long list of accommodation and activity providers offering holiday makers the options to pay with cryptocurrency almost the whole town is on offer meaning that we can travel away and enjoy with our digital wallets.

I do think that in the near future steem will be added as a form of payment from these vendors. A popular tourist destination with out a doubt.

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very cool


Thanks mate appreciate it just a matter of staying on top of technology in your local area.

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