A tour to the resort of Nuweiba(Egypt)

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A tour to the resort of Nuweiba(Egypt)

Nuweiba is a wonderful town situated at some distance from civilization. It is popular among tourists who prefer instead of visiting noisy discos, to enjoy the beauty of nature, of which there are plenty.

The town of Nuweiba is located along the Delta river Plaza Water, which gave him the name (Nuwab translated as "babbling Brooks"). Near the town are the picturesque Sinai mountains, with crystal clear lagoons. Also, this resort is famous for its superb sandy beaches, leading into the Red sea.
The town of Nuweiba consists of 2 parts: tourist and historical. First, there are numerous hotels, bars and restaurants, and secondly – numerous shops, residential areas and the port that connects Egypt and Jordan. In the port cruising catamaran, ready to take all comers in the Jordanian town of Aqaba.

The average summer temperature is 38 degrees, and in winter is 24 degrees. The maximum amount of precipitation falls at 3 months: October, November and December. Therefore, the best time to travel to the Red sea will be the period from September to November. In the summer the temperature can reach numbers greater than 40 C. However, the heat here due to the dry climate and constantly blowing breeze from the sea, almost not felt. So summer is a favorite season for divers, because at this time the water in the sea is the same as in a warm bath.

Nuweiba was founded as a transit base for travelers, next to Mecca. Then the city became an important strategic point. Then in place of a conventional fishing village there appeared a small port, called the Museum. Then from 1260 to 1518, the city was under the control of the Egyptian Mamluks, he then for several centuries was part of the Ottoman Empire. It was at this time was built a magnificent citadel that separates the Port from El Carabina (the tourist part of town).
Today, of course, no one makes pilgrimage, but here attracts tourists from all over the world to make a trip to the Sinai Peninsula.

The port Museum is a fishing village with wonderful sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. El Tabarin is a tourist part of Nuweiba, located in a remote Bay. In this part of town there are hotels, restaurants and shops, but, perhaps, it is famous also for its clean sandy beaches.

Nuwab famous exactly for this tour, which is offered in 2 versions: the first (for the adventurous) - camel, and the second (for a more pampered tourists) - jeep. Everyone who takes this tour will recognize the oasis of ain El Forgo a truly stunning spectacle. No accident local Bedouins call this place the emerald Paradise in the Sands.
The famous Coloured Canyon is a gorge, length 5 km, width from 2 to 10m and a height of 25-30 m. it is believed that it was formed after the earthquake, and subsequent fracture of the cortex. The canyon consists of red Sandstone, which gives it this unusual appearance, which complement the intricate patterns formed by constant wind. When you see this place, it seems that it is some extraterrestrial origin. However, to experience the grandeur of this natural creation – it had to see with my own eyes.

One of the main attractions are the local dolphins, which tamed the Bedouins. Now the "swimming with dolphins" is one of the popular tours. So willing to swim with these animals will have to pay 10 Egyptian pounds. However, those who venture into it - say that it is worth it.

You can walk to the Bedouins, called Tarabin. Here you can see the life of nomads, to admire the bamboo huts, which stretches along the coast, stroll through the palm grove, iskupnutsja in the shallow Bay. And explore the preserved ruins of the Turkish fortress Dating back to the XVI century, built during the Turkish Mamluk Sultan, Ashraf al-ghouri, and the former Fort. Even here there is a well, which for many centuries used by Bedouins as a source of drinking water.
Tarabin just need to visit to tourists who wish to immerse themselves in the magnificent atmosphere of the East.

South of Nuweiba is a wonderful nature reserve Abu Galum, which is recognized as the best place for scuba diving. And for the wonderful beaches, is a maze of wadis, where there is a huge variety of plants and animals. Here you can meet foxes, and mountain goats and hyraxes.
You can visit the magnificent water reserve of RAS Mohammed. This tour is offered as either a bus tour or the boat tour. RAS Mohammed is a beautiful place, in its time, won the Jacques-Yves Cousteau, is located 25 km from Sharm El-Sheikh.
You can go on an excursion to the aquapark in Sharm El Sheikh.
From Nuweiba is much closer and easier to visit such famous sights as the mountain of Moses and St. Catherine's monastery, a distance of just 110 km.
St. Catherine's monastery is one of the most popular places visited by tourists. It was originally a Church and then in the X century it was made a mosque. Here you can admire the superb paintings that adorn this magnificent temple. In 2002, this architectural monument was included in the UNESCO world heritage list.
Mountain of Moses – the place where according to legend he was awarded the sacred divine tablets. Today there is a superstition that if you climb a mountain and met the sunrise, we will be absolved of all sins.
You can visit the traditional tourist destinations like the temples in Luxor and Karnak, and the pyramids of Giza. However, these areas do not enjoy the tourist town very popular, due to their remoteness.
In addition to Nuweiba, you can take a tour by ferry to the Jordanian resort town of Aqaba, which is popular with divers. Also popular is the trip to carved in the rocks, the ancient Jordanian city of Petra located in the desert of 96 km from Aqaba. This city was founded around the period from the III century BC and I century ad.

Also because of the proximity with Israel, Nuweiba tourists wishing to visit this country. In Nuweiba actively sells tours to Eilat, Bethlehem, and, of course, to Jerusalem. Many tourists staying in Nuweiba, you do not want to miss the opportunity to visit the Holy places of Israel, and take a dip in the famous Dead sea. For tourists who want to explore the Egyptian way of life and to enjoy the Oriental flavor, it is recommended to visit the restaurants and outdoor cafes Carabina located near the water. It also offers its visitors lying on a special Mat to admire the superb sunsets. In this part there are numerous souvenir shops where you can find everything from a fridge magnet from the national Egyptian costume. And here you can visit a real Bazaar.
Tourists wishing to go shopping in malls and supermarkets should visit Musano, where is situated the commercial area of the city. But swimming here is not recommended, because this area is used as the port, so the water here is not pure.
The sunbathers will appreciate the part of El-Tarabin, famous for its excellent beaches and clear water. It is not surprising that this place attracts a diver from around the world. Because Nuweiba is the perfect setting to enjoy the pristine beauty of the underwater world.
However, the advice of experienced travelers, it is better to appeal to the diving centre, where you talk about the features of the dive. But if you don't have diving experience, you can enjoy special courses for beginners that are at each hotel. After completing these courses you will get a certificate and you will be able to make their first dive and enjoy the nice corals, and other underwater beauties.
Here you can spend time fishing. El-Tarabin is known for its wide variety of fish that this Gulf the red sea the locals called the soup.
Romantic nature local Bedouins offer horse ride at sunset. View of the beach under the rays of the setting sun will long remain in your memory.

Have a nice holiday and good luck!!!


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