Travel Diaries - #The Buddhist Temples and Monasteries in Dharamshala, India

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This was a short 3 days trip to one of the hill station in India, place named Dharamshala for medical purpose but we also took this opportunity to spend some quality family time and visiting the place.

Dharamshala is a place where His Holiness Dalai Lama resides. This place has quite a few Buddhist Temples and Monasteries and you see a lot of Tibetan culture followed here. There is also a very big Library which holds thousands of Tibetan manuscripts.

We visited a couple of Temples and I must say they are very magnetic. The works at each temple is so minutely detailed out and intricately done that you really wonder the capabilities of human art.
You can feel the energies of these places is so very high that you do not wish to come out of it.
You can sit and spend hours here feeling the tranquility of the place. In the 2 days that we spent in this place, most of our time we have spent in these Temples.
These Temples have so many idols and other images around and all of them have significance. It's a deep study and one or two days is not enough. In this much time you can only get the outer glimpses.

Let me give you a few glimpses of these Temples and you will agree with me that they are absolutely marvelous.

This is the first and the main temple where His Holiness Dalai Lama also resides. Besides the Buddha statue there are a lot of other statues also but I could not identify them. What I could make out was there were always 2 types of statues, one were very fierce types and the other had very calming looks, so I could interpret that it was something related to the Good vs the Evil.


Next to the Buddha idol there are many things and smaller idols kept which holds significance in Buddhism, like the Lotus flower the symbol of purity.

This skeletal like figure I don't know what exactly it means but what I can understand is it is trying to show a Human in deepest form of Meditation (Sadhana)

This is a Stupa structure. A Stupa is a hemispherical structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation.

Just below the Buddha statue there is a seat which is for His Holiness Dalai Lama.

This is another temple which is much bigger than the first one and quite an enchanting place also.

The prayer hall is big and there are these wooden flat benches for the monks to sit and pray. Visitors are strictly not allowed to sit on these seats.

On one side of this statue are very fiery sculptures and on the other side are very peaceful ones. As I mentioned earlier this can be a representation of the good and the evil.


I liked the outside area of this Temple. All the houses of the Monks and the Temple everything is in vibrant yellow color.


When we walk through these houses we see some beautiful Mandala designs made at the entrances.

As I sit and write this post in my hotel room balcony, I get this beautiful view of the sunset. A perfect way to wind up my day. 💖💖👼🏻👼🏻

I hope you all enjoyed watching these pictures

Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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It´s The Emaciated Buddha, probably modelled after the 2nd-3rd century statue from Ghandara, now displayed at Lahore museum.
In his search for the cause of suffering Gautama exercised extreme asceticism, realized that he might die before finding the answer, started to eat again and followed and later taught the Middle Path of moderate asceticism to his disciples.

Wow, U have amazing knowledge @likedeeler. I have all respects for the master but the other day I was reading how the action Buddha took in his life impacted the life of his wife and son which were not very good. But at the end it's all destined and it's all about Karma.

Yes, I thought about that too, and came to the conclusion that Gautama first did what society demanded from him, marrying and having a son, but later he had to follow his calling which was stronger than any societal obligations.

magnificent works of art

Thank you

A wonderful place I used to go there before ... 🎉👌

That's wonderful. Thank you for stopping by

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts @theghostisback

WOW! So magnetic! I really can spend much time just staring at idols and decorations. Mandala at the entrance is amazing too!

Oh yes, I wanted to just sit here and not wanted to leave the space, so much of peace and calmness and the feeling is so magnetic, you can feel the high energies around in this place.

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very interesting article! Great food for thought !