An Overnight Stay at the Desert Camp

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Yesterday we decided to do something adventurous, so an overnight trip tp a Desert was planned. I am not much fond of these type of trips, I prefer to be by the Seaside more, but since the boys were there they wanted something exciting and adventurous.

We booked some rooms at one of the Desert Camp. It was basic, the room had 1 double bed and a small table, thats it, just enough for 2 people. We reached little late almost around sunset time, by then all the activities were closed. So it was then just relaxing and going around the area. The place is so much in interiors, there is no internet connection. There were some small villages around, but by what I could see, the life in this place was very basic and simple. It looked like we had gone back atleast a 50 years back in time in this place. Once in a way I would love to be in such a place, where you are completly disconnected from all the gadgets and you are in a complete clean radiation free enviornment.

Let me share some pictures of this place.

These Camels were out in the desert moving around. This little baby camel was very cute, running after the mother.

We were just in time during the sunset hour


This is our Camp area. Since we went during the working days, there was no crowd and the place was silent. They would start the generator only between 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. and then during the day time there is no electricity.


The view of the Desert from the Camp

The relaxation and the dining area. It has a typical Omani style. The seating arrangement and the decor is all as per Omani tradition.



This is the Camp area at night.


The Early Morning Sun.


After the Sunrise the boys went for Dune bashing and quad bike rides. They had a lot of fun. Around 9.30 we left from the place. It was then a long 3.5 hours drive back home, and we all reached home safe and sound with some good memories of the place.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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The desert is good if you have the resources to survive its harsh climate but experiencing it in a vacation is just awesome because of its unique setting @nainaztengra

Was it not hot there now days?. Last December I was also in Desert camps, and it was so cold out there.

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It is one of my dream to spend anight at night....looking at yours just got bit more excited....hoping to make it someday to Dubai

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Beautiful photos

The best ever experience we get in desert trip is going for camel ride and night stay

Nice, I like the fact that you are not fond of deserts but you still did the trip for your boys :)

Nice pictures of desert....