NZ Forest: Time to Go for A Walk

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Dear Steemit friends,

Today I want to share with you a few photos of a forest in New Zealand.
Additionally, I would like to tell about a few benefits of taking a walk in a forest.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it can prevent cancer!

There was a study by the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo which showed that after a few days in a forest, the number of NK cells (cells that can fight cancer) in our immune system increases.

NZ forest 01.jpg

Smells that are prevalent in a forest can reduce stress.

There was a study by Kyoto University (source:, which showed that days spent in a forest reduce various types of stresses, including chronic stress.

NZ forest 02.jpg

Forests/trees help with depression.

A study found (source: that living near a forest or just a bunch of trees can significantly reduce depressions, have a calming effect, and reduce the need for anti-depressants.

NZ forest 03.jpg

Forests help with memory and learning.

Spending a day or two in a forest can help significantly improve ones brain activities (sourse: For that reason, many kindergartens in some European countries are purposefully located in areas with lots of greenery.

NZ forest 04.jpg

Forest walk lowers blood pressure.

A study by a Japanese university (source: showed that even just a couple of hours of walking in a forest can reduce blood pressure, compared to a control group that was also walking (not in a forest).

NZ forest 05.jpg

Forest are better than gyms in helping you loose weight.

A study by UK Forestry Commission (source: showed that walks in woodlands are healthier that a workout in the gym.

So there you are, now you know of a few benefits of walking in a forest. What do you think of the photos and the info? Share your opinion in the comments.

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Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous!


This is beautiful... I think you should check my photos...
its heaven...

Great news. I live in the Seattle area and spend alot of time in the woods. Following.

Nice photo and interesting post

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I love to walk in forest, too. Nice forest you've got

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Wow you are lucky ,having such Forest near you .beautiful place for vacation.

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This is a very interesting and a helpful article, thanks. And the photos are also very nice.