Neuschwanstein: A Fantasy Fulfilled

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The world's most magical castle is the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein. Perched above the rugged gorge of the River Pollak in the Bavaria Alps and against the backdrop of fir trees, its ivory towers seem to hang in the air.


When we arrived at the base of the mountain, we had to wait in queue to get a bus ride up midway. Fortunately, the grounds are lovely and there is an enchanting lake. Restaurants, taverns and a museum will also keep one occupied. Then it's a long tiring walk up to the peak for me at least.

(Queue for bus ride)


(Midpoint landmark where everyone gets off the bus.)

(The long trudge to the castle.)

(Fortunately, the view along the long walk is stunning.)

On arriving at the gate, there is another wait for our turn to enter the castle. It's a pity that only a relatively small section is opened to visitors. The castle is so huge, there must be so much more rooms and turrets to explore!

(Another long wait in this courtyard.)

Due to the enormous number of visitors, the tours through the castle are short. I had wondered why I couldn't find my snapshots from this trip thinking I have stupidly deleted them like those of my trip to Greece before remembering that photography inside the castle is prohibited.


I would have loved to take snapshots of these lovely luxurious halls and rooms. Simply spectacular furnishings! So I did the next best thing and that is to get a book on the history of The Royal Castle of NEUSCHWANSTEIN from its gift shop.


I have scanned a couple of images for you and of course I hope it is not illegal to do so. When you are in Bavaria, please do not skip a visit to this fairytale castle. A fantasy of a king. Make sure you make reservations well in advance otherwise you will very likely be turned away.

(The Throne Hall)

(The Bedroom)


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