Tourism in Ecuador ..... the land of adventure

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Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Ecuadorian state is multilateralism. Pluralism affects the origin of the state, its components, language and location, and the consequent geography, climate and population.

This country is located in Latin America, with a charming beachfront view of the Pacific Ocean, speaking Spanish; because of its long-standing Spanish colonialism, making this language and English one of the main languages ​​there. The existence of a large Arab community, specifically of the Palestinian and Lebanese nationalities, has made the city strong, not only in terms of language but also political positions and the names of shops, restaurants and goods available.

In addition to this, the occurrence of the state at the equator has not only reflected its name, but also its climate, making it warm and rainy most of the year, and therefore its intimate geography and crops.
Ecuador is the most densely populated river region per square kilometer in the world. It extends from the Pacific to the Amazon, offering a wide range of scenic landscapes and cultures, and a great address for enthusiasts. There are many places of tourism in Ecuador, most of which offer adventures that appeal to nature lovers.

Here are the most important places to visit in Ecuador, making it an unforgettable experience:

  • Montanita: with a charming beach view. The southern part of the country is packed with world-class luxury resorts as well as water sports such as windsurfing. In the evening, you will have a wide choice of restaurants, theaters, shops and cafés

  • Nueva Cuenca Cathedral: It is one of the most famous churches, most rich in architectural and engineering arts. Since its opening in 1800 and is still at the height of its religious and artistic, which earned it international fame.

  • Otavalo Market: An ideal destination for souvenirs lovers who carry the spirit of the city and its symbols. This area is full of carvings, sculptures, textiles and other goods in the spirit of the city.

  • The Church of San Francisco: one of the most repulsive churches in the foot; it was founded in 1550. The church area is one of the most Ecuadorian regions rich in cultural monuments, museums and cultural destinations.

  • Galapagos Islands: Ecuadorian volcanic islands, in the north, are full of beautiful landscapes and contain rare animal and plant riches. Is filled with resorts and recreational facilities attractive to tourists.

  • Cotopaxi
    It has one of the longest active volcanoes in the world with its spectacular rise and snow-capped peaks, and there is another additional lure of a number of the few tropical glaciers in the world.

Tina - The Ecuadorian Amazon
Tina is an ideal starting point for Ecuadorian trekking and also offers some of the best activities and adventures to raise adrenaline.

  • Banyos
    It is a rewarding stop for many exciting activities and thermal baths to relax, surrounded by towering mountains and majestic waterfalls, and there is around Panyos of the reasons why it is primarily for a visit.

Yasuni National Park
The best places to see wildlife in Ecuador are if you can not reach the Galapagos Islands, located on the border with Peru in the northwest.

  • Quito
    The charm of the small town is like an open-air museum with colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and Andean peaks.

Lake Kelutua
The lake is a good example of the best location in Ecuador. The lake was formed in the Ecuadorian Andes when the volcano burst more than 800 years ago and left this majestic crater.








A good article and picture, Ecuador is amazing. Hopefully I can visit him one day.

I would really love to visit Ecuador. One of the people I found in my nonprofit with is from Ecuador I hope to lead a trip there with him sometime this year or next year. I especially want to visit the Amazon and spend the night or two with the Shuar. I feel they have much to teach.

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