St. Martin's Verb? <3 There was a lot of speculation about St. Martin and Cheatdeep. Many of Munira's eyes started swelling and swollen Cox's Bazar.

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The next morning, for the Saint Martin's first flight, I went to the hotel for the first time, and they arranged for the bus and launch. Because, when we went there many people went. The seat of the ship was found in the room. If I broke up, I could read parayas for the first time. Anyway. Gelam St. Martin. The blue water could be so beautiful that was out of his mind. The number of times I have thanked God for hearing about the ocean's loud roar on the night sky is not even reckoning. It was very fortunate that I was so beautiful that I am in this time.
Now come on the torn island
Cheatdeep is a small island, right next to St. Martin. Coral reefs around the island Speed ​​boat to go to Cheatdeep, there are trawlers, the cost of going up to Tk 150 each. 300 in speedboats, and 200 in lifeboat. Speedboat / lifeboat at group We took the speedboat to 300 / -6 people per person.





I was leaving St. Martin, at 830 in the morning, like 30 minutes to go to Cheatdeep. They will take 1-1.5 hours to get them down the island. It's going to have to turn around to the trawler. We went to Rasadip in the morning, there was a good wave. The amount of sea water is transparent !!! Looking at the water, I was sitting on the saddle. There are many rocks at this place: There are many stones here, people who eat like me carefully will walk away.
There are various color snails, coral and crabs in the Kardashipi. You can eat tea if you want to eat, there are 2/3 shops. At the end of the island trip we came to 11.30 Because 3pm. We have to return to Cox. I am looking dumb when I see beautiful. Seintmartin and torn island are also a beauty where they have to be charmed and silent.

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