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Preparing The First Big Contribution! Attention Contest! Be Prepared Too!

in travel •  6 months ago

Preparing The first Post.jpg

Hey Steemians,

Today I prepare my first long post. We need to recover a bit because the last two days were really intensive. I wrote already one part of it, but let me tell you its just one part :D

I guess this will be the longest post I've ever made on this blog. But its also great for me, because while writing this I have the memories clear in front of me and that pleases me. I think that I will have this ready until tomorrow not sure but I think so.

So be prepared my friend!
Let me add something. I don't want that people later claim I was not fair. That here is the Attention Contest I chose this name, not for nothing.

But I can imagine how some of you may think: Ah I will just read the previous posts again ;) than it will be easy!
No, my friend. It's not that easy! ;)
I will definitely erase some parts which include the correct answer.
Means that you need to have the correct answer in your mind.


(Time Square!)

Of course not all, but some of them. Anything else would be too easy.
Who is the one who reads all posts as fast as he can again and give the right answers ;)? This is not how it works Steem Fam. As I said in the introduction post you need to have a good memory and I meant it that way.

Just wanted to add that so that no one will feel betrayed. Don't worry I try to give everyone the same chances. Even the quiz, when I can call it that way will appear at similar times I posted every post so far. And I will announce it again before posting. Again I didn't choose the name for nothing ;) Also the previous posts are not unnecessary. That's it, guys! I think everything is said for a fair Contest of 30 SBD!☺️

The weekend is standing before of us. A reason for many people to be happy. And be happy. 😊

If you don't know what I am talking about check out this post to get a better understanding.

You will read from me soon 😉

Ahhh one more thing: Guys thanks for all your lovely comments. I really appreciate that. ☺️💪🏽


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I am really curious to find out how my attention
compares to everybody elses.
The weekend is before us, and indeed I am happy.
I am happy, not because it is the week end, but
because I will (hopefully) see another day.


Oh wise said my friend.
I appreciate your attitude and am totally with you :)

Such contests as this will create an easy sense of competition. This is normal and I'm glad that you do it. Many users do not have this. We have a big difference in time zones, so I do not always read messages at all.
But the main thing is that I read the text and enjoy the photos that you show us. Your photos (although they are few) allow me to once again see the beauty of New York. I hope in the future you will show a lot more pictures and tell about the places that you visited! Thank you


More pictures will come :) I saved some of them
For the longer contributions:)

The contest is gathering some momentum and would soon explode probably by weekend.

Since it's an attention contest, I am gradually following and paying attention to it even as we all wait to read from you or from harry potter😊
Deleting the comment is like giving a dog bone and when the dog comes close, you bring out a wood, well I be wise and observe closely because 30sbd is beyond a price or gift

waiting to read from you


Awesome comment my friend :)
I not only see but also feel that you are ready!😁


Thanks. Patience and consistency. following


Great thing 👍🏾

Looks so busy there that I'm not surprised you need to recover. I went to NY when I was 10, can't remember it too much now though. Just the busyness and size of all the buildings


The City of busyness! People are moving fast, the cars are honking permanently🤣🚙🚕🚓

Now am tensed!
Thanks for the heads-up though!
Do have a great weekend ahead!


Thank you very much :)

Well this sure is exciting by the way !Thanks for the heads up .There were many question like when where is it going to be ?
but it sure was a perfect heads up ;)


Great. Don't worry I will give all necessary information upfront😊

Really cool update sir, I love your style and your approach towards this contest, I bet it will surely be a fair play. You are looking good today as usual.


Thank you my friend for your compliment. ^^
Wish you good luck for this contest :)

Uhm, I can't imagine the tension this contest is actually posing like seriously, though I respect your decision since it is always fair play, you are really looking awesome always brother I can see that in your face.


Thanks that you appreciate it my friend :)

Yeaaaaaa....the attention contest is almost here💃💃💃.

I am waiting patiently to read from you again.

Do have a beautiful stay and my warmest regards to your angelic wife.


Thanks for your wishes my friend :)


You're welcome.

@modernpastor, I'm already and set for it! bring it on! I've got a good memory lol.


This is spirit 😁👍🏾

ohh this is fun. Thanks for throwing this contest. will do my best to earn these sbds.


Great thing my friend :)

Love the update ,you are always fair in everything you have done in this steemit so I don't think the one will be different one .

Love the the caption attention contest .

Having a hopefully week.

Love your look in that picture ,continue to explore U S A


Thanks my friend.
I appreciate your comment. :)

Contest hin oder her... interssanter finde ich das Du sehr viel spass hast auf deinen wegen....


Ich danke dir :)
Den habe ich auf jeden Fall! 😁

Oh this is exciting me, bring it on. I read everything you post.


I appreciate that. Thanks for your attention to me😘

contest looks interesting, I'll be watching


Great 👍🏾 😁

I know everyone is excited with the game but I hope you're having the time of your life there in New York, your photo of Time Square ia really awesome! Take care always and God bless @modernpastor!😊❤


Thanks sister. Don’t worry. We have a great time here. 😊

Just imagining how am going to go through this contest more than everyone else , because the contest is getting more interesting everyday and more people are getting alone gradually.but what I know is there must be a winner.

Keep on enjoying your vocation and keep us updated.

wow, let's see how I'm doing hahaha I'm a little forgetful .... well ... more or less pretty forgetful, hahaha. Have a nice afternoon.

Hi @modernpastor, you hosted Champion league final contest. I predicted 3-1 Real M. win, but you didn't send me my prize. I will appreciate if you can fix that error. Thanks!

So cute and so serious! You look very much like a geek in this beautiful picture.

Nice set for it bro....bring it on.