Flying Around the Storm

in travel •  3 months ago

Busse Woods

We flew into Chicago from New York on a small plane. This picture is above is Busse Lake in Busse Woods near O'hare airport. Lake Michigan is in the background. An amazing thing happens when you fly is that everything is in perspective. On one side of the plane it is raining but on the other side it is sunny.

I spent only a few weeks in America, but it was mostly quiet time with family. It was a great contrast to my life in Seoul. I began to see clearly how precious my own two boys are. My youngest really loves America and made friends with everybody in the neighborhood. He said, "The kids here are very kind."

It's hard to live as a multicultural family in Korea. His friends are frustrated because he is slow in language and math but American kids just were happy to see him and play. He just played and ate and slept for three weeks and grew three centimeters.

Look Mom I have a 6-pack

My mom bought him a Spider-man costume for Halloween even there there really is no Halloween in Korea. He said he will role play tick-o-treating at our house and visit his friend's house. His older brother said that is so stupid but I think it is actually a good idea to see an isolated group of four feet tall super heroes walking around Seoul.

Chicago is the best city to visit

My kids tried a jumping picture but just couldn't coordinate. As long as you stay out of a few "dangerous" areas at night Chicago is a very friendly city. We spent half the day playing on Navy Pier and Ohio Street Beach and the other half of the day in Lincoln Park. This is my childhood home and I was glad to be back. Every stone brought back memories. I was just surprised to see all the graffiti was gone.

Chicago is wonderfully romantic

My student's in Korea are always surprised to hear that body of water is not an ocean but a lake. This lake is bigger than South Korea. I really love the summer sky in Chicago. I could spend hours lying in the grass looking at the clouds pass by.

Everything is big in Chicago

Chicago has an amazing skyline, parks of green grass and big green garbage cans everywhere. As my kids say, "The buildings are big, the trucks are big, the cars are big, the houses are big, the people are big, the dogs are big and even the garbage cans are big." Looking at my hometown from my kid's point of view is hilarious.

Don't leave without having some fun

There is a Lalapallooza Festival in the beginning of August each year. If you miss it you can still catch the Blues fest or Jazz fest or Gospel Fest. Festivals go all summer. We came at the time of the Air and water show. The jets flew real close to Navy Pier. My son picked up that we could first see the planes and then hear them. He concluded that the jets were moving faster than the speed of sound.

Enjoy the last few days of summer,

I love you all and now that I'm over jet lag I will stop by Steemit every once and a while.


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I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip to Chicago. I love all of your photos above, especially the lake and sky photos! I'm glad you're back on Steemit! It's been way to quiet from a lot of people here on Steemit lately! Haha, I would love to see your youngest walking around Seoul with you and wearing his spider man costume! Anyway, once again welcome back!!


Thanks for stopping by @violetmed. I'm not so quick at posting or comments and replies as I used to but I will be here. I really enjoyed every minute with family and friends. For Spiderman it was his first time in America and for his brother it has been 5 years. Now we are back in Seoul and jet lag is almost over. We are enjoying Sunday afternoon. We put a slip and slide on the 5th floor balcony. There is not much grass in Seoul so we used mats under in. Sorry I haven't been around. I will be around this week.


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What a wonderful trip you and your family had with family. Love the Spider-Man costume. Photos of Chicago are amazing- great skyline.
Welcome back,Christopher, it’s been way too quiet as @violetmed mentioned!
It’s good to take a break from all this computer stuff 😊


Thank you @readheadpei and @gentlebot,

I didn't think much about Steemit much over the past few weeks. The environment in America was so active and alive with nature and family... although my wife says America was boring I didn't think so. I just enjoyed moments sitting on the patio or watching my dad roast cauliflower.

In Korea people are busy and doing things but life is fast paced and I need to slow down. Steemit is an avenue to think about other people and write something on my mind. It's still summer in Korea and although we have school for the kids I want to keep the same attitude and give them the time they deserve.

Enjoy your week @readheadpei...

I will try to be a little less quiet


I just saw some action : D

you should invite some of his friends and have a halloween party, this is how halloween was transported to other countries ... it might be great fun to start it in korea


Thanks @tygertyger... It will be a tiny peaceful revolution of culture. We will do the same for Thanksgiving :)

Thank you

I have been wondering if u were quitting steemitnor just taking a break because of ur vacation.. I actually checked ur blog last night cuz it had been so long since Id seen u post anything.. Glad to see u had a great trip 😁

I am also cutting back a bit on steemit for a while, it just takes up so much of my time that I could be using for more important things right now..

Anyhow, I'll catch u around.. take care.


Thanks for stopping by @moderndayhippie. I really wish this was telepathit because I didn't have a free minute for the past three weeks. Steemit still has a future but I really needed a break. It is people like you and a handful of cool people around the world I met here that will keep me here although not as active as in the past:)

I'm here because I want to be here.


Haha, I know how u feel.. I'm actually backing off of some steemit time too, it just takes up to much time in my life not to mention the fiance loathes it so that doesn't help. LoL. I am only going to schedule 1 hour a day for steemit, nothing more.. So I have cut back on most of my replying and am trying to do 3 posts a week for now..

Anyhow, I am glad u aren't quitting completely and that u are going to enjoy life a bit more instead of so much screen time 😎

Take care my friend.


Understood. I hope the best for you and your life in North Carolina. I know you experienced some pretty tough times up to this point. Enjoy your time.


Oh God! What a beautiful trip for your reunion emotions with your roots that you have given us, dear @mineopoly! I'm happy with your feelings. It is so vivid what you say I feel inside your soul, as to marvel at the life that moves within you when you let it go. A big hug, dear!


Thank you @zeleiracordero,

This comment is very punny:




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Hi @mineopoly

the people are big, the dogs are big and even the garbage cans are big

Your kids are indeed in point, Americans have a tendency to make everything bigger and better, even themselves :)

My son picked up that we could first see the planes and then hear them. He concluded that the jets were moving faster than the speed of sound.

Wow, how old is he? He seems to be really smart.

All the best


I have two sons @crypto.piotr (7 and 11)... when they saw it in unison it is really cute: "Seven Eleven."

Spiderman talked about the big things. It is so obvious when we come in from abroad, but for those living in America it is not so obvious. Legislation has been brought up to tax unnecessary large sizes but is blocked by big business pushing "freedom." Many don't realize we don't need the big plates, big garbage cans, big soft drinks and big portions. It is hard to see any other way of life until you visit a country outside the US.

My oldest son is eleven and he seems smart but he just has a natural tendency toward observation. I was standing on the same pier and the jets passed by making no noise then latter the noise hit us. I didn't think much of it. I paid more attention to what the kids were doing and what was happening on the ground. My son's head was in the clouds again. Even if he is smart I won't tell him yet. He will have to figure that out for himself. I'm just glad he is having fun and I love him and he knows that.

Have a great week ^^


My oldest son is eleven and he seems smart but he just has a natural tendency toward observation.

Such tendency is very important in today's world.

Even if he is smart I won't tell him yet. He will have to figure that out for himself.

In my opinion this is a correct approach. If parents tell it to children to often, it may have a wrong impact on their personality.

Thank you for amazing reply and have a great week too :)

How awesome is it to see you my friend!! It sounds like you had a nice vacation and your boy makes an awesome little superhero in his spidey costume!

Your pictures are fabulous... that sky is gorgeous!!

Thank you for sharing these fantastic moments of your trip @mineopoly! I have missed seeing you around and hope all is well!


Thank you so much for showing concern @monchhichi23,
I'm doing great
Sorry I couldn't swing by New Orleans, but I did visit another Bourbon Street in Louisville Kentucky.

I spent every moment back home with family and friends and now catching up with work. We are healthy and blessed. I will be sharing something probably twice a week.

howdy sir mineopoly! haha! what a great time ya'll are having, that is so wonderful! love the photos and the commentary and it's good to see a post from you again!


Thank you @janton. I was having such a good time I almost forgot about posting. I will try to post something like this more often.

can't believe i missed this post!
the ocean view is unbelievable 😎
i'm sure it was wonderful for the kids!


Surprisingly this is a lake. I'm glad you take part in my little trip even though you were physically in Korea. I respect you a lot for having for getting through the summer with no ac. Honestly it still feels like summer in Korea. In spite of all the crazy stuff that goes on in Seoul I am glad I am here.


yes it's still hot here, but i'd say it's getting cooler pretty fast. i feel so much better walking around :)
we should have another meal together soon when we have time, before it gets too cold!

that is one big lake btw!


I'm still a bit dizzy right now, but we should definitely do some cool. Any ideas?

It will have to be after Korean Thanksgiving


yea man you actually need a little break after a big trip.
maybe 보신탕 or 삼계탕?


Sounds great!! I will try to come down to your neighborhood then.


yea man. just lemme know beforehand and we'll meet up!