Yeh Leh Bali, The Beautiful Paradise The River and Beach Meeting Place

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Bali is known as an island with many beautiful and interesting beaches. But apart from Kuta, Pandavas, and other famous beaches, there are still many rarely explored points and offer a heaven-like sensation. One of them is Yeh Leh Beach in Jembrana.

This beach is often overlooked by the tourists because of its location on the edge of the highway. But make no mistake, Yeh Leh turned out to have a unique charm that makes it different from most beaches on the Island of the Gods.

Meeting between the river and the beach

The visitors who come to Yeh Leh Beach will get two beauty at once. On the north side there is a river flow, while on the south side presents a beautiful view of the sand beach.

Therefore unfortunately if to miss the exoticism of the existing beaches in Pengeragoan Village, District Pekutatan this. It is about 53 kilometers from Denpasar, but it will not be hard to find because the Yeh Leh Beach is right on the edge of the highway that connects Denpasar and Jembrana.

Buffalo Statue

One of the unique things of Yeh Leh Beach is the buffalo statue. There are three statues of a buffalo being driven, symbolizing Makepung tradition in Jembrana. Makepung itself is a buffalo racing competition held between July and October to commemorate the harvest.

Not far from the statue of the three buffaloes, there are large stones that have been decorated writing the name of Yeh Leh. Guaranteed not to get lost if you want to visit this one beach.

Sunset view

Enjoying the view of the sunset on the beach is delicious, but the atmosphere can sometimes be damaged if too many visitors. Fortunately, Yeh Leh Beach is quiet because not many tourists know this location. Taking a beautiful picture of mauve or relaxing while spending the rest of the day will seem even more impressive at this location.

On the beach there are many rocks as an interesting photo object. Not a few tourists who try to combine the beautiful sunshine twilight with rock clusters to produce amazing images. So, do not forget to prepare the equipment to photograph if happened to visit Yeh Leh Beach.

Start ogled the surfer

View of Yeh Leh Beach at dusk via Instagram ismanz
The waves on the beach Yeh Leh is quite malignant. Not to harm, but rarely have visitors who dare to swim here. But on the other hand, it becomes an attractive tourism potential.

According to local residents, the roll of the challenging waves on this beach began ogled the surfers who want to try out their abilities. It is not impossible that in the future this location will become the seers of the riders. Moreover, Bali has often held a variety of international surfing events.

Complete facilities

Yeh Leh Beach is often visited by riders who want to take off tired momentarily after a long journey. Visitors will grow in the afternoon. In addition to rest, many are pulled over because they want to see the beauty of the sunset.

It is used by local people to establish several food stalls. Visitors who want to fill the stomach do not have to worry about going hungry. In addition it has provided a number of places pengasoan (rest area) in the form of a sitting seat is circular and has been equipped with a roof.

Those are some interesting things that can be found on Yeh Leh Beach. For those who are coming to Bali and want to feel the atmosphere of deserted beach paradise visitors, this one location is highly recommended.

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