Skydiving Photo Series: When your partner jumps out of perfectly good airplanes!

in travel •  5 months ago

These are various photos I have taken while @haileyscomet jumps and I stay safely on the ground! I hate flying and am not a fan of heights, so it is easy to guess skydiving is not for me at all, but I am so proud to have helped Hailey find her passion in the sky. For her 21st birthday, I got Hailey a tandem skydive at Skydive Spaceland and she fell in love and ended up going to school to get her license before we left to travel full time!

We have now been to 8 drop zones in 4 states (Texas, Arizona, California, and Oregon) and Hailey has her class B license now and is on her way to 200 jumps and a wing suit (currently at 54 jumps)! And as cool as it can be, I still fear for her safety at every jump and am pretty much anxious the entire time we are there, but her joy for jumping is worth it and more!

Along the way she has convinced friends to jump for their first time and made some great connections along the way at the various drop zones. Even though I likely will never do it, I enjoy my time with these crazy thrill seekers and all the fun that comes with it!

Be sure to check her page out for videos from her amazing and speculator jumps!

















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i`m sure it was great and i want to try

Nice. I'm sure she had the best time of her life. I've paraglided off a mountain in Nepal once. Awesome adventure.

It's worth doing at least once in your life. I'm glad I skydived once even though i'm afraid of heights.

I am never going skydiving.
I am so afraid of hight i would probably faint.

But i give you all the credit for doing this, this takes some real dedication and will to do.

It sure was hell of an experience for you i believe

I love your post. Skydiving! Wow, it is a dream for me, and i wish one day it will come through. I wish to see more of your pictures on skydiving. For now am still doing grounddiving. Hahaha

Ohhhhhhhhh @mickeybeaves
¿No te gusta volar? ¿No te gusta el Paracaídas? Por Dios eso es genial.
Solo quisiera tener la oportunidad de hacerlo y no lo pensaría dos veces.
Bueno.... al menos la apoyas en su hobbie.
¿Quien dijo que volar no es una nota?
Estoy echando broma.
De verdad me encantaría tener esa oportunidad.
Gracias por el artículo y Saludos viejo.

Seems very fun but I wouldn't jump either, it scares me too! But the view from the top would be amazing!

more people hope place like this .... i hope for u nice and safe time :)

I dont think I could ever do that, but I find it amazing she's made 250+ jumps in various suits. That's pretty rad.

Thank you for the wonderful effort from the beautiful sport and wait for you more

Super awesome, been wanting to do it myself for years. She'll convince you someday ;-)

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