Exploring the Southern Missouri Ozarks Part 5: Ebb and Flow Spring & Meeting House Cave

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One of our favorite hikes is about 15-20 minutes away from my hometown. We drive on gravel roads out to an access point on the Jacks Fork River where Ebb and Flow Spring runs into the river.




We begin our hike here where the creek meets the river and continue along the bottom of the cliff side




We continue to hike up, up, up the cliff side until we reach Meeting House Cave!





This picture of my brother may provide a little perspective as to how large the mouth of the cave is! It also goes back much further, but we do not enter the caves anymore due to laws that protect bats from "white nose disease"




After we spend some time at the cave, we climb and crawl up the cliff side to the top of the bluff, and then hike back down to the spring



We always like to take our time and meander around before we end up back at the starting point. Always a great hike!


Thanks for looking, and follow me if you if you would like to see and hear more about our adventures here in Southern Missouri!

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I've only hiked around this area couple of times, the place is beautiful though from what I recall. Great pictures as always Mel :). Seeing this walkthrough makes me want to go check it out again!

We'll all have to go out there again soon! Maybe in the fall when it's not blistering hot ;)

I was just telling my baby cakes we should go camping or swimming before summer is over. I prefer the ocean, but if unavailable a lake or deep river will do. Are there any good camping spots in this area? I'm in KC and as far as I'm aware even the closest swimming spot is a hike and often contemplate just making the trip to Texas just be see the ocean again.

We are roughly about 4 hours or so from KC, but The Jacks Fork and Current rivers are two of the clearest, most scenic rivers in the country. There are tons of good swimming and camping areas. However, in our particular area, most of the camping is pretty primitive, meaning no running water, bathrooms, etc. However, further down the river toward Eminence, there are riverside cabins and cottages. It's a beautiful part of the state and I highly recommend a visit! I'm headed to work, but I can get you some links to some campgrounds and/or cabins if you're interested!

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