Getting extra legroom for free

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I travel quite a lot since there is an easy accessible airport not far from where I live. Most flights are operated by cheap airlines which is great for my wallet but horrible for my comfort levels. A normal seat usually has hardly any legroom and the seat width is a bit less than on airlines in a higher price range. Cheap airlines usually offer an upgrade for extra legroom but I am too Dutch to spend money on that. So how did I get this seat?

Most Dutch people are too cheap to get the extra legroom upgrade. Dutch people are also too cheap to pay a few euros to preselect seats. So most Dutch people just get a seat assigned to them when they check in online. Airlines always try to book a full airplane this means that if you check in as late as possible then you get the seat with extra legroom assigned to you :D

Hurrah to Dutch cheapness!

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Wait a minute! You are Dutch? For all this time, I thought you were Australian!

You and I have different check in needs! I need to check in early so I can avoid fights about bringing on a violin!

Oooh clever! I wish that worked for first class too.

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I have knew some new issues from your post. You have enjoyed Dutch Cheapness, it was new to me. I thought Dutch people are really costly. I also enjoyed Extra Legroom Factor. However, thank you very much for this nice post.

@bengy what made you think is was Australian :)

It could be worse. You could have chosen to make playing cello your profession. D:

I really need to install Partiko when I find find a safe Internet network. Commenting in steepshot looks so ugly.

Haha! I never pay attention to that, but I have the extra leg-room for free ,as a frequent flyer :D

@lemouth the hard life of being a professor