Travel "by family" Guide- La Palma " la Isla Bonita" - The cutest island in Canary islands

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Need some vacation? Sun rays on your skin?beautiful landscapes? ME TOO!!

I look around Steemit to gain my knowledge of La Palma before I jump into my three hours boat trip from Tenerife.

La Palma - La isla bonita

La Palma is one of the 7 Canary Islands (Spanish territory), located in the Atlantic Ocean close to Africa.
We have been walking toguether around Tenerife for the last two years; I think you are ready for a new PARADISE

Let's see....

1. El Guanche and La Caldera


Beautiful mountain formation with the volcano crater... One of the symbols of the island.

2. Charco Azul - Natural seawater outdoor pool


YES, SIR! You are swimming in the sea sourranded by natural volcanic rocks... Amazing

The Mind Blowing Moment....

No words needed

Well, boat is ready and so I am ready too...
Special super Thanks to @surfermarly for the info I borrowed...

Get ready for super positive blogs fullfil with great family moments!!!!

See y'all,

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Mind blowing post n location.. 😄😄


Thanks @sanketawatale the whole Canary islands are Amazing... I am just getting there now... I cannot wait to trek those Clift's and refresh my feet in the blue water!

The Canary Islands is a paradise here on earth excellent photos greetings and my respects my support with my vote.


I am going to borrow your lovely comment, @malpica1:
"The Canary Islands is a paradise here on earth"


... and Malpica is also a beautiful place in Spain too... Particularly in winter!

Precioso lugar y fotos increíbles!!
Las Islas Canarias son un lugar que hay que ver al menos una vez en la vida ;)

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@aniestudio, Visita las islas y te quedas para siempre!!!! Lo digo por propia experiencia!!!! ;-)