Travel "By family" guide - LaPalma, the cutest island in the Canary islands - All the things you can DISCOVER in 24 hours

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If you have a day, yes a single day, to visit La Palma be ready... Your feet will hurt, your camera'll run out and your soul will be as happy as it has ever been

Make sure to drop a comment if this blog makes you feel good <--(or not ;-)

Get Ready for the Rally....

1- Tropical forest trek and refreshing the body under a waterfall???? ANYTIME!!

This is a quick-positive-energypack blog so straight to useful details:
1- Super easy to do
2- Super nice to do
3- Super energy & discovery charged activity

2- SWIMMING IN CLEAR BLUE WATERS sourranded by local people and TAPAS??? You know that is a YES!!!

1- Super hot becomes super refreshing, it only takes a little jump...
2- small swimming pool for kids
3- Easy to access
4- boooooom FREE

(What the hwck?? Didn't look like that on my phone! Forget me, I beg)

3- Clift Walk To Reach a Secret Surfing shiny black sand Beach???? Dammed if you miss it!

1- difficult roads if you follow Google directions!
2- will need to walk up and down (a mind blowing 15 minutes walk)
3- Beach is ideal for strong swimmers and surfers (like us ;-)
4- of course is free, why do you ask?

Alright, we are toasted by the sun, tired in mind & body and Alexander just falls to sleep walking... Surely we can go somewhere else!

4- The other side of the island... Lighthouse, pink natural salt farm and fisherman village.

(No jokes, tired we are)
1- Do the right thing, get there just one hour before sunset
2- Easy to do and the kids will learn a good handful of things.
3- Don't you dare NOT to visit the fisherman people at the other side.
4- Salt never look so cool.
5- Did I hear is freeeeeee??? Yes it is.

As promised, quick blog; many more pictures, actual details and tales of locations will come after holidays

Stay Tuned!

Post Data - when I say it is free I mean: parking is free and at no point we were ask for any tickets or charity. Coffee is still a luxury, it seems.

Never wait for tomorrow what you should be ENJOYING today...

Thanks for the support @steemeitcanarias, prometo hacer los blogs en español en cuanto llegue a Tenerife (debería decir a casa, que uno ya se siente de aquí)

(Hey, what would be your first words if you cross your way with @surfermarly in the street??? I am afraid to look like a fooool ;-)

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Thanks for your words ; )
Don't worry about and enjoy your vacations!

Same question when we meet her the first time in Las Palmas. We can tell you that she is a nice and super cool Steemian full of energy. El acento canario que tiene es único!!
No te preocupes x)
Un abrazo!


¿Una alemana con varios idiomas diciendo aquello de Muuuuchhhhaaaachoooooo? ... ;-)


Es mejor que lo experimentes por ti mismo ; )
Nosotros salimos del primer Meet up encantados de haberla conocido en persona. De todas formas, si quieres escuchar su acento, echa un vistazo al blog y encontrarás la entrevista de la RTVC Explica en unos minutos como gracias a Steemit y Fundition se ha financiado un proyecto solidario en colaboración con Cruz Roja de Lanzarote.
Un abrazo!