Travel "by family" Guide- Boat Trip to La Palma " la Isla Bonita" - The cutest island in Canary islands

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Travelling by boat is a great experience. The breeze in your face, the blue water & you get to play "spot the whale" ... (A total added value to this age of stressful airports, small sits and plane-long-queues to the loo ...)

Don't forget your anti-vomit tablets...

3 hours from Tenerife to "la Isla Bonita"


The little ones all excited, running upstairs ("Alex don't run"), running outside (Alex, wait for daddy), climbing in the... (Alexander!, Stop right now!!!!)

But even before we left the deck behind I could feel this was the right scape...
View from window one
View from window two

Even the coffee is good! ;-)

Let's stay focused in our destination for a second...
La Palma - Caldera de Taburiente
Pic from MichaD

God made the land, discovering it is the job for the man

How good to see the little ones focused in every single detail... Don't you just love when you get asked "daddy, why this?" Just to come up with the craziest answer to see the look in their eyes??? We giggle together at the same time when they realise I was just storytelling!!

  • Daddy, Why the white foam in the water under our boat?
  • it is snow, Alexander... If you look far away there is a man keeping it in a sac for winter...

Are we there yet?

Well, yes; another great great great advantage of traveling by boat is that you get to take your car!!!
Let me tell you, I do not envy the people that need to create such a maze of cars everytime the boat reach a new port, the only stressful part of the trip was getting in and out of the so called car park...
Behind that smile there is a man praying for his car not to get wet in this trip

We shall continue tomorrow with our 3 day trip to La Palma

And you, Do you like traveling by boat?

Be so kind to left a comment to let me know if you do and even if you don't ;-)

We shall talk again soon enough!!!!

Ok, yes, I will give you a peek into our first our in La Palma...

Don't Wait For Tomorrow, Do the things you ENJOY TODAY

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Great place to visit, hope to go one-day. Enjoy your time on the islands and keep sharing with us


Thanks for your nice words @crypticat ;-)
Truly beautiful here...

looks like you had fun, nice :)


That's my RULE of LIFE @tokoya, highly recommend: Stay happy, whatever you do, whenever you are and keep happy who ever share his time with you.
Big hug, hope to see you around...


Super Thanks @tokoya, by the way, to peek into my life and bothering enough to left a comment.